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August 16, 2022

Advantages of working with an interior designer

When it comes to interior design, a professional interior designer offers a ton of benefits. In addition to saving an immense amount of time, clients can rest assured that they will get an interior design from the expert that will meet their needs 100% and will not only be beautiful, but also functional and unique.

Working with an interior designer or a corresponding company offers a whole range of advantages. Certainly, such a service is not entirely cheap, but experienced interior design experts are worth every penny. First and foremost, you as a customer save a lot of precious time and nerves that you don't have to waste on time-consuming research offline and online. In addition, you can rely on your interior designer or the commissioned company to create and implement a concept for you that meets or even exceeds your wishes 100%.

What is the difference between interior architects and interior designers?

Interior architects, interior decorators or interior designers: the names are varied, but there are definitely differences. Interior architects have studied architecture and are experts in many construction-related issues. They take on the complete planning and supervision of interior design projects, from construction or remodeling to furnishing and decorating. An interior architect can also be an interior designer, but not every interior designer or interior decorator is also an interior architect. 

Interior designers go to work only after the completion of the construction phase or after the completion of the structural changes. Their work involves the selection of wall and floor colors, materials and furniture. In addition, they take care of the correct positioning of the furnishings, so that the entire interior in the end gives a harmonious overall picture. 

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9 Advantages of an Interior Designer

Now that we've cleared up the terminology, let's get to the benefits of working with an interior designer. 

Advantage #1: Interior designers are experts

Interior designers are highly qualified and often have years of experience in their profession. They not only have a good eye for shapes and colors and the right touch when it comes to selecting furniture and decorations, but also have solid know-how when it comes to furnishing and designing rooms. In addition, interior designers are constantly learning new skills in the course of their day-to-day work and are therefore consistently expanding their wealth of knowledge and experience. 

Interior design is multidisciplinary and cannot be offered by just anyone. In addition to their wide-ranging expertise, interior designers also possess an excellent sense of aesthetics that many others in the construction industry lack. 

In addition, interior designers are exceedingly detail-oriented. When they create a design, they pay attention to every little detail. They pay attention not only to an overall aesthetically pleasing result, but also to the form and function of furniture. An experienced and creative interior consultant can suggest things that are far beyond your imagination. 

With a professional interior design consultation, clients get tips and suggestions on colors, furniture and its position, and decoration. An average person would never have the opportunity to acquire all that knowledge and aesthetic sense on their own. 

Advantage #2: Interior designers have the overview

If you're considering working with an interior designer, keep one thing in mind: interior designers are experienced at understanding their client's needs and desires, exploring different options, and drawing up plans that will bring you closer to your dream home. They always keep everything in mind: The functional requirements a design should meet, the desired look, and the cost. 

Interior designers influence all aspects of the design process and are able to make big changes in the finished design with seemingly tiny changes in the planning phase. Learn more about what you always wanted to know about interior design advice.

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Advantage #3: Beautiful and functional interior design. 

Interior designers are skilled at getting the most out of your home. For example, if you have a space problem, your designer will come up with several solutions that are not only practical, but also beautiful. In doing so, creativity and ingenuity will help them find the optimal solution even for tricky cases. 

Especially when it comes to storage space, an expert can be exceedingly helpful. You can never have enough storage space, and especially in smaller rooms, finding a satisfactory solution can be challenging. If you have an interior designer on hand, he or she is sure to see possibilities you never dreamed of. Additional storage space can be gained in any room, no matter how small, without sacrificing design. 

Interior designers strive to combine form and function in an ideal way, without compromise. A design that only serves the purpose but not the look is not acceptable to them. They will keep searching until they find an elegant solution for your home that is both visually appealing and functional. Best of all, you can just sit back and wait for your designer's suggestions.

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Advantage #4: Help in finding the style

If you have absolutely no idea what style is right for you and how you want to decorate your home, an interior designer is an excellent option to find out. Moreover, he will advise you on the way to your dream design and take everything out of your hands, so you can relax and take care of other things with a clear conscience.

For example, even if you like different styles, it can be challenging to furnish a room or the entire apartment yourself. Because rarely do randomly combined furniture and decoration of different styles work together harmoniously. It is necessary to find a balance that also combines opposing furnishings, colors and materials in such a way that a coherent overall picture is created. For laymen, this is often difficult. In contrast, interior design that combines different styles can be extremely attractive and create a dynamic ambience. 

Interior designers know exactly how to deal with such challenges and how to use colors, textures and shapes to create a harmonious, balanced design that not only looks good, but also feels good. 

By the way, even couples who can't agree or favor different interior design styles can benefit from an interior designer. He or she acts as a kind of mediator and, thanks to his or her years of experience, will suggest an interior design in which the wishes of both partners are realized without either of them having to make major compromises. 

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Advantage #5: You get what you want 

Almost always, you have an exact picture in mind when a room is to be redecorated or redesigned. However, it's typically the implementation that falters because you don't know the best way to go about it. 

When you work with an interior designer, they will not only understand your requirements and desires, but may even have an even better picture in mind than you do. 

You'll be surprised when you see your finished design - how spot-on your tastes were. It's not uncommon for professionally created designs to exceed clients' expectations.

Designers working on a project together

Advantage #6: Save time thanks to Interior Designer

With an interior designer, you won't have to waste time on nerve-wracking furniture searches online, and you can use your off-hours and weekends for nicer things than a trip to the furniture store. An interior designer offers you full service and not only takes care of the concept of your new interior, but also picks out the right furniture, lighting and accessories for you. 

Especially if you have a limited budget but certain requirements for the quality of the furnishings, researching suitable furnishings can be exceedingly time-consuming. 

Work with an interior designer and you simply take this time-consuming part of planning out of your hands and can sit back with peace of mind and use your time for hobbies, family or sweet idleness.

Advantage #7: Fresh ideas from an interior consultant 

An interior designer looks at your project with a fresh eye and approaches the challenge with an open mind. Often, people get caught up when they get too close to something - for example, if they've lived in an apartment for several years that they now want to remodel. An expert, on the other hand, brings fresh ideas to the table, with years of expertise under their belt. The perfect combination to create an interior design that is not only beautiful and functional, but also has that certain something and surprises. 

In addition, you can be sure that your design will be unique when you work with an interior designer. Interior designers do not offer off-the-shelf designs, but create individual solutions for each client, tailored to personal requirements and preferences. 

By the way, interior designers are very familiar with the latest interior trends and are able to incorporate them into your interior design. In doing so, they always strive to create a design that is as timeless as possible and that survives all trends, because these sometimes come and go faster than we would like. 

An interior design concept that is both contemporary and timeless is therefore the ultimate. The experienced eye of your interior designer helps to integrate trends without the overall concept looking outdated in a few years. 

Advantage #8: Interior consultants are well-connecte

Interior designers typically have many contacts with reliable furniture manufacturers and interior stores. They will take care of everything organizational for you, from ordering furnishings to assembly, installation and positioning. This is usually the most time-consuming part of the interior design process and can be quite nerve-wracking at times. With an expert on hand, you can sit back, relax and watch as your interior design gradually takes shape.

Advantage #9: Improved well-being and quality of living thanks to interior design advice

An interior designer will create a home for you in which you will feel completely comfortable. As an expert, he is trained to create environments that are not only visually appealing, but also feel good to their inhabitants. It's often small details that make all the difference. For example, small changes such as a special pendant light above the table or a new, patterned wallpaper can transform and enhance a room in an instant. 

Our interior designers help you to better understand diverse interior styles, such as Boho Style, Glam, Hygge, Scandinavian and Japandi, and help you to develop an individual style that enhances your well-being and reflects your personality.

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