March 11, 2022

Boho Chic Style in the Interior - with these Tips it Works!

The Boho chic style is often called the living style for free spirits, artists and globetrotters and rightly so! It seems that in the Bohemian style of living almost everything is allowed and can be combined with each other - from colors and patterns to the most diverse materials and decorative items from all over the world.

Boho style, which many are discovering to be the living style for free spirits, artists and globetrotters, is often and rightly so called! In the process of decorating in the boho living style, it seems as if almost anything is allowed and can be combined with each other - from colours and patterns to the most diverse materials and decorative items from all over the world. Boho style living, also called boho-chic, is one of the increasingly popular interior design trends and even if it doesn't look like it at first glance, it follows a certain concept.

But what exactly is the Boho style, where does it come from, and what do you have to pay attention to in order to give your home the Boho look? All this and a few more selected Boho items from our supplier Bloomingville now for you. Have fun reading!

What does Boho mean anyway?

The term "Boho" is short for "Bohemian" and dates back to the 19th century. Bohemian at that time was called a society-scene from Paris, which consisted of artists and intellectuals who wanted to clearly distinguish themselves from the attitudes and behaviors of the bourgeoisie. 

Boho as a widespread trend then really began in the 70s. It was first widespread in the fashion scene with the hippie look and then quickly evolved and moved into other areas, such as interior design. Now the Boho look can be found all over the world and is becoming more and more popular.

What exactly is the Boho chic style?

With Boho style, or Bohemian style or Boho-chic, there are officially no rules! However, natural materials such as bamboo or rattan and bright colors are in the foreground. Unusual patterns are combined with playful accessories to create a casual, comfortable but also chic atmosphere. As with the 19th century movement, the Boho living trend is about giving free rein to artistic freedom as well as the unconventional. 

Combinations with other styles 

The number one rule of Boho chic style is that there are no hard and fast rules. This is exactly why Bohemian style is absolutely perfect to combine with other interior trends. It can be super easily combined with Hygge Style or Vintage Style, as these interior styles also place a high emphasis on soft fabrics and natural materials. 

However, no other style like Scandi-style can be so easily combined with Boho style. After all, the clean lines and bright colors can be perfectly combined with the cozy textiles and color highlights. 

Tips for Bohemian Style at home:

1. Colors:

The right choice of colors plays a big role in Boho chic style, because it is the first step to a relaxed atmosphere. The most chosen basic colors consist of earthy tones like beige, brown, olive or khaki. However, gaudy colors like turquoise, sunflower yellow or bold reds are also absolutely appropriate and can even complement the soft earth tones perfectly. But in order for the room to still look inviting and cozy, the majority of the walls, as well as large pieces of furniture, should be kept in subtle colors.

Pay attention to the following things when choosing colors:
Bloomingville Boho Style
Bloomingville interior design
Boho Style living room

1. Boho style thrives on a harmonious overall look of the room. So make sure not to let the whole thing become too colorful. 
2. Do not combine more than four colors together. 
3. Make sure that the overall look of the room does not become too dark. 

2. Natural materials for the perfect Boho style:

Natural materials are one of the main aspects of Boho style living. From wood, linen and leather to bamboo, rattan or cotton, these materials can only make your Boho-chic interior a complete success. 

The possibilities of incorporating these materials in the design are virtually endless, from headboards of the bed made of rattan to woven chairs or baskets made of wood.

Bloomingville Boho Plants
Bloomingville Boho chic
Tinekhome boho

3. Storage in Boho look:

To create enough storage space, woven baskets, rustic wooden chests and baskets made of rattan are ideal to create the Boho look. These items not only provide enough storage space, but also directly make any room look tidy, modern and cozy. 

Bloomingville boho containers
Nordal boho containers
bloomingville boho style decoration

 4. Textiles in Boho style:

Boho-chic style is all about combining cozy with elegant and what better way to do that than blankets, pillows and rugs. Soft, fluffy pillows or a bright, soft rug are not only ideal for looking cozy, but also for snuggling up. Rugs and pillows with oriental patterns are also an absolute eye-catcher with the Boho look. Blankets made of linen or patchwork blankets can be easily folded on the sofa or bed and are an absolute decorative highlight. Fringes and lace are also absolutely in demand in this style. A Bohemian interior without such typical materials and patterns is virtually impossible to imagine. Bright, long curtains or a four-poster bed with mosquito net can perfectly complete the Boho look in your bedroom.

Bloomingville boho style textiles
Bloomingville boho chic interior
Liv interiors boho style couch

5. Boho indoor garden:

Boho style living always includes plants! Large plants (best in a woven basket as a pot) are not only an absolutely great eye-catcher, but also transform your home into the absolute Boho paradise. For small as well as hanging plants as well as herbs in the kitchen, hanging macramé flower holders are absolutely perfect for Bohemian style. All the greenery will transform their home into a feel-good oasis and create a good mood and liveliness. 

Bloomingville boho indoor garden
Nordal green boho style
Nordal boho style indoor plants

6. The right light:

The choices of lights to create the Boho style are virtually endless! From lanterns to hanging lamps made of rattan, golden floor lamps, fairy lights or even candles - you can virtually do no wrong here. Candles look best when they are placed in transparent or colored glasses. It is best to make sure that it is warm light, which will make your rooms look even cozier. 

tinekhome boho lighting
Bloomingville boho style lamp
Liv interiors boho retro lamp

7. Decor items from all over the world:

When it comes to decorative items, there is probably no interior design style that gives you more freedom than the Boho style living. Really, anything goes here! Wood carvings, often found in Asia, can be an absolute highlight. Macramé as a decoration on the wall are also an absolute eye-catcher. Just as great are picture arrangements on the wall. These are especially suitable as Boho decoration, if the colors are uniform and match the rest of the design. Woven seat cushions, hammocks or hanging chairs made of macramé are also an absolute highlight in any home. Other eye-catchers are tall vases (made of glass or in earth tones), which can be filled with feathers, pampas grass or dried flowers. 

Bloomingville boho decor
Bloomingville boho style decor
Bloomingville boho chic decor

Boho furnishings from Bloomingville. 

One of our favorite suppliers with whom we have completed many successful design projects is Bloomingville. When it comes to Scandinavian or Boho style, Bloomingville is at the top of our list. 

From decorative items to furniture pieces, baskets, lights and textiles, Bloomingville impresses with many unique items that could soon find a new home in your home.

See for yourself with a brief overview of some of Bloomingville's items, or take our style quiz to find out which interior style suits you best.

How can I bring out my personal taste in the Boho Style Interior?

To bring out your personal taste in the Boho Style Interior, you can take the following steps:

Plants and greenery: Plants are an essential part of the Boho chic style. Place houseplants in your interior that suit your personal taste. From large monstera plants to small succulents, choose plants that suit your style. Read our article to learn more about low-maintenance plants that will bring out the best in your space.

Personal items: Incorporate personal items and mementos into your décor. These can be travel souvenirs, handmade artwork or family heirlooms. These personal elements help express your style in a boho interior.

DIY projects: If you are creative, you can incorporate DIY projects into your interior design. Homemade wall art, custom furniture pieces or handmade decorations can add a personal touch to your space.

Layering: Boho style is all about layering different elements. This means you can put rugs on top of rugs, pile cushions on top of beds and sofas and throw blankets over chairs. This layering element allows you to bring your own personal style to your interior design.

Discover even more different interior styles to design your home the way you want.

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