Perhaps one of interior design best home décor secrets, hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is a Danish concept of creating happiness and coziness in simple everyday moments. Hygge is a state of mind. The state of being present, and filling your home with pieces that create peaceful, joyful environment, as well as remind you of your family, and friends. The idea behind hygge is for someone to walk into your home and instantly get the “I would love to live here” feeling. Furniture designer Morten Georgsen explains it perfectly: “We Danes love the state of mind – hygge – because it’s peaceful, friendly and a wonderful stress reliever. Maybe it’s one of the reasons that the Danes year in, year out are nominated the happiest people in the world.”

1. Cozy up your space with lighting

Dimmed lighting, fairy lights, and candles are always found in a home full of hygge. Lighting sets

your mood so choose something that you absolutely love. Try placing floor lamp next to your reading chair, fix a directional wall light next to your sofa, or light some candles around your home.

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2. Bring Nature into your Home

Choose natural materials and bring some greenery throughout your house. Beautiful fig or eucalyptus tree branch, wooden dining table, natural stone surfaces or maximised windows – all these elements will bring a sense of nature to your home and will make you calm and more rested.


3. Add soft cushions and large knotted blankets

There is something so comforting about snuggling up on the comfortable sofa with a big soft blanket draped over you. Blankets and pillows provide comfort to any space in your home. Using soft textures like cashmere will also help you create a sensation of hug.


4. Stick with a neutral colour scheme

Let’s be honest, as much as we love it, colour can be very distracting. To achieve hyggelig décor, keep everything in a neutral colour palette. It will create a streamlined feel throughout.


5. The Essential: Make a Fire

In Danish culture, friends and family love gathering around the fireplace when spending time together. This hygge experience represents warmth and togetherness and makes any home feel cozy and welcoming. This also ties back into our first point of lighting. Having layers of light, such as candles, fairy lights, and fire will bring the heartwarming feeling that the Danes cherish so much in their own homes.


Get the look

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  1. Pendant Light, PH Artichoke, from Zingg Lamprecht
  2. Throw, from Bloomingville
  3. Armchair, Cloud, from &tradition
  4. Floor Lamp, Bestitle, from Gubi
  5. Coffee Table, Grow Table, from Normann Copenhagen
  6. Electric Fireplace, from Attika
  7. Basket, from Bloomingville
  8. Rug, from Bolia