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Upscale is taking interior design online.

We want to bring interior design into the 21st century, to transform the market by giving customers the best service at the right price, using the newest technologies. Upscale strives to connect our digital-first portfolio of interior designers to clients who want to transform their home and improve their lives.
interiorluxury hallway interior design
Design the life you love.
Together, we make it happen.



Interior design projects executed
We designed and delivered residential and commercial interior design projects in Germany and Switzerland.



Mood boards and 3D floorplans created
We use digital innovations and cutting edge tools to bring interiors to life.



Interior designers and architects
Let's create your dream home together with our experienced and awesome team!



Furniture brands and suppliers
We work with leading furniture brands that deliver modern and high quality pieces.

At Upscale we believe everyone deserves to live in a beautifully designed home.

We believe that living in a well-designed home can improve quality of life, increase productivity and make us happier and healthier.
It is our mission to democratise interior design, to make good design more accessible to a wider group of people than ever before.
Carina KümmekeCarina Kümmeke
Carina Kümmeke, Founder & Head of Interiors

Our Zürich Team

Carina Kümmeke
CEO & Head of Interiors
Tom Kümmeke
Board Member
Ewelina Borowiecka
Senior Interior Designer & Community Manager
Denice Becker
Junior Interior Designer & Sales
Luisa Maldonado
Product Manager
Dana Neubauer
Purchasing & Administration
Celine Goreng
Interior Designer & Growth
Michaela Briskova
Marketing & Sales

Our international team

Anne Sandmann
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Dominik Parac
Search Engine Optimization
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Carmen De Marco
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Lisa Heiß
Web Designer
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Lenka Pinkavova
Business Analytics
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Jesus Tinapay
SEO Strategist
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Adrian Bluhmky
Digital Marketing Consultant
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Bea Leoncio
Graphic Designer
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Martin Allen
Social Media Support
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