December 22, 2020

A perfect symbiosis of style and function in Scandinavian design

Scandinavian interior design is characterized by simplicity, coziness and natural beauty which makes it so popular among all interior styles. It can easily be combined with either modern, industrial or even country furniture and blends in perfectly in rooms with a lot of wood.

Scandinavian interiors are more popular than ever, thanks to its versatile designers and their understanding of comfortable living - which is not surprising, as this style of interior design embraces natural materials and shapes, while looking cosy and clean. Another great advantage is that Scandi furniture and lighting can be perfectly combined with any other style. It is very easy to integrate Scandinavian design pieces into modern or country homes or mix them with industrial or retro style interiors.

But what are the characteristics of a Nordic room that feels like a typical Scandinavian home? - Scandinavian interiors are characterised by the use of natural materials, bright and friendly colours and simple, organic shapes that express closeness to nature

Scandinavian dining room
Scandinavian living room

1. Typical Materials in Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian interior style embraces nature and expresses its closeness to mother earth by the use of natural materials. The furniture mostly are made of light woods like spruce, birch and pine. Sometimes, these are combined with MDF panels and with upholstery made of woven material and structured fabrics.

To create a more masculine, rough look, Scandinavian interior sometimes plays with material combinations of wood with concrete or metal.

Glass and metal accessories often are used to add elegant accents to a natural and minimalist look.

For rugs, cushions and blankets natural materials like wool, linen, cotton and felt are used to create a cozy and warm atmosphere. Accessories made of textured fabrics like knitted wool, corduroy and fur add visual interest to any room and nice tactile properties to your style.

The result: a look that feels dynamic and lively but calm and balanced at the same time due to a neutral color palette and linear shapes.

Scandinavian home decor
Scandinavian dining area
Scandinavian decor items

2. Scandinavian Interior: Shapes of furniture & accessories

Furniture, lamps and accessories like vases and mirrors in Scandinavian style have simple, organic shapes that relate to mother nature. Sofas, sideboards and beds are often linear and minimalist in shape whereas dining and coffee tables and chairs often are characterized by circular and rounded shapes.

Moreover, one prominent feature of Scandinavian interior are bevelled legs of chairs, tables etc. that get narrower towards the floor which sets Scandi interior apart from many other styles.

Sometimes, Scandinavian interior design incorporates some retro vibes as many of the prototypical Scandi pieces have been designed in the middle of the last century. Many brands nowadays are adapting these popular furniture designs which is what makes Scandinavian interior sometimes feel a bit retro as well.

Scandinavian interior design
Scandinavian interior insperation
Scandinavian hallway design

3. Scandinavian Design Style: Colors & Patterns

Scandinavian Design uses a broad color palette. Natural, neutral colors like cream, beige and grey often are used as the basis and are typically combined with rather calm shades of all colors.

Faded tones of blue, green and yellow are part of the Scandinavian color scheme as well as soft pastels like mint, light blue and rose or more intensive shades of red, yellow, blue and green.

Dependent on whether you prefer a more dynamic look or a rather calm environment: within Scandi style everything is possible.

Scandinavian interior also makes use of geometrical patterns and natural motifs. Chevron, zigzag, herringbone and diamond patterns are used for rugs, cushions and bed linen that can be perfectly combined with natural motifs like leaves or forest and animal themes.

Scandinavian room design
Scandinavian coziness
Scandinavian style blankets

4. Lamps in Scandinavian Design Style

Talking of Scandinavian interior we mustn’t forget to mention the famous and popular Scandinavian lamp designs. Names like PH 5, Flowerpot and Gräshoppa lamp are familiar to those who are interested in real classics of Scandinavian lighting design.

The combination of minimalist, organic shapes with natural materials and colors characterizes lamps in Scandi style and makes them a guarantor for great design in your dining, living or bedroom. Learn more about the intricacies of Scandinavian design in our other detailed post.

Scandinavian interior
Scandinavian interior design
Scandinavian office design

It is worth exploring different furnishing styles more closely and discovering your own preferences in the process.

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