November 2, 2022

Interior design services: your guide through the world of interior design

What actually counts as an interior design consultation? How do you find the advice that suits you best? And what are the benefits of using a professional interior design consultation in the first place?

The home is the place where we spend most of our time. Accordingly, it should be optimally designed - i.e. cosy and suitable for our own needs - when furnishing it. However, it is not that easy to plan and furnish a beautiful and suitable room. Professional interior design advice can help to overcome possible challenges and create an environment that is not only beautiful, but also suits one's own (sometimes subconscious) requirements.

But what exactly counts as interior design? Where to find interior design advice, what are the benefits, and what are the costs?

What counts as interior decoration?

Interior design of a room includes furniture and decoration, but also colours, shapes and fabrics in general. As part of interior design, interior decoration combines the various elements of architecture, design and tool technology.

Interior designers or interior architects are responsible for the planning, design and implementation of interior decoration. As part of an interior design consultation, they take care of furniture, wall and ceiling design, and the selection of flooring and lighting. 

Where to find the right interior design consultation?

If you decide that you want to enlist the help of a professional interior design consultation, the question is where is the best place to find one? 

The best way to find an interior design consultant is via the Internet. Simply enter the appropriate search terms, including the place of residence, and find the expert who immediately clicks. Because the prerequisite for a successful interior design consultation is that the consultant fits to one, that he listens well, understands the needs of his customer and there is a trusting basis. 

Of course, you can opt for an interior design consultation online, which is purely digital. In this case, no consultant comes to your home. Instead, the consultation takes place via email and video call. 

Which option is best, everyone must decide for themselves. Some want personal contact, others want to save time above all and are happy to place the interior design project in the hands of an expert in complete confidence. Also find out what the advantages are of working with an interior designer.

What are the advantages of professional interior design advice?

Interior design consulting from a real expert has many advantages. Of course, it is also associated with costs, but they are in proportion to an immense time savings. Plus, you save a lot of nerves by having a professional on your side.

#1 Furnishing consultants are experts 

Perhaps even more important than saving time with interior design consulting is the fact that you're dealing with experts. Whether it's a home furnishing consultant, an interior designer, or an interior decorator, the designation doesn't matter. What they all have in common is their years of expertise. 

These experienced professionals always keep an eye on costs, have a great deal of know-how when it comes to furniture, colours and materials, and know how to best combine functionality and beautiful design. In addition, they are resourceful and will offer creative solutions that a layman would never think of.

During an interior design consultation with a professional, they will tell you how which colours will work best in your rooms and how to best arrange furniture, light fixtures and decor to set the stage for your home.


#2 Save time with an interior design consultation 

If you book an interior design consultation, you can sit back and relax. Of course, everyone is free to decide how much they want to be involved in the design process, but no real effort will be required.

The interior design consultant will present their concept, research furniture, and as a client, all you have to do is share your opinion from time to time.

In doing so, working with an interior design consultant will save you precious time on weekends or after hours that you would have otherwise wasted on time-consuming furniture searches online or offline. 

Plus, there's no risk of getting yourself tangled up, wasting even more time on your new interior design. The interior design expert, on the other hand, knows exactly where to look for which furniture. This neutral advice from an outsider is best for you and your rooms in the process.

#3 Interior design advice helps you find the right style 

Wondering how best to combine different interior styles? Or you and your better half can't agree on what you want your new home to look like together? 

An independent interior design consultation is the optimal solution here and not only provides fresh, surprising ideas. 

An experienced consultant can also visualize his ideas excellently. This is important, because sometimes the imagination of lay people is not so well-developed, so that words alone are not enough to illustrate a concept.

An interior design consultation brings clarity and helps to decide between too many options or to find your own style. In doing so, the interior design consultant keeps an eye on the latest trends - always aiming to create timeless designs.

Learn more about which furnishing styles are available. You will find information from Boho Style to Transitional Interior Design.

#4 Improving the quality of life thanks to interior design advice

Beautiful furniture alone is not enough to feel completely comfortable and secure. To ensure that your own home really feels homely and warm and fits your needs 100%, it's all about the details. It's often just the little things that make the difference between beautiful and really nice and fitting. 

Since the environment to a large extent affects our subconsciousness, we often do not even know what influence colours, shapes and materials can have. In an interior design consultation, the professional will find out exactly what your preferences are and what you need to feel completely comfortable.

Interior design consultation mood board

What is the cost of interior design consultation?

The cost of an interior design consultation varies widely. Some consultants charge by the hour, some by the square meter. In addition, there are consulting packages that allow you to book your individual interior design consultation for a package price.

In principle, however, too low prices should make you suspicious. Nowadays, interior design consulting is often offered by larger e-commerce companies at very small prices. It is almost certain that you will not get an individual consultation here that really suits you. 

Moreover, furniture selection is not done independently of the manufacturer and it will hardly be possible to cater to specific requirements and wishes.

Rest assured: At Upscale, we always strive for the highest level of transparency and offer you individualized interior design advice - tailored to your needs and desires.


What you need for an interior design consultation

Have you decided on an interior design consultation? Before the first meeting with your consultant, you should gather a floor plan of the room and ideally photos of the current state. In addition, it's a good idea to think about what you like and don't like (colours, materials, styles) at some point. 

Photos are always very helpful in this regard. So search the internet for pictures of rooms, furniture or designs that appeal to you. Interior designers are visual people and the best way to create the basis for a successful interior design is with pictures.

Based on this, the interior design expert will be able to better empathize with you and create a design that you will be convinced by.

So, if you are in doubt about your current interior or if you are not sure if you want to tackle a new interior design project on your own - maybe you are moving soon or want to change your space: Don't hesitate and contact us, so we can discuss your wishes and goals together. 

Or maybe you just feel like giving your interior design a fresh kick, but you're not sure yet which style suits you best? Why not take our style quiz and find out!

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