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January 21, 2021

Interior Design Trends 2021: Interior design reinterpreted

As usual the next year brings new trends in interior design but some of them are not really new but have been good old friends for a while. They might have popped up even before 2020 but thanks to their popularity still have to be mentioned in the list of 2021’s interior trends. Others are new but we can already tell they will get really big in 2021. The essence of our analysis shows that many of the 2021 interior trends easily can be combined because they evolved out of the same desire - more of nature in our spaces.

As always, the next year brings new trends and styles in interior design, but some of them are not really new, but have been good old acquaintances for a while now. They might have popped up even before 2020 but thanks to their popularity still have to be mentioned in the list of 2021’s  interior trends. Others are new but we can already tell they will get really big in 2021. 

The essence of our analysis shows that many of the 2021 interior trends easily can be combined because they evolved out of the same desire - more of nature in our spaces.

Interior trend #1 | Shades of Blue

With Classic Blue being Pantone’s color of the year 2020 they have set the tone for the ongoing color trend.The fuss about blue might have started last year already but as for now, there is no end in sight. In interior design blue almost is the new grey and creates a timelessly elegant and contemporary look and feel. 

From dark midnight blue, over rich peacock, royal or indigo blue to denim and ocean blue: The color choices of blue are almost endless whereby blue can be combined perfectly with any other color. 

If you are brave, you start with the walls and paint them in a calming blue - maybe even add a touch of grey - to give it an extra luxurious and dramatic feel. A sofa, armchair or rug in blue are also a great option to incorporate blue in a room. 

If you don’t want to invest that much: curtains are an inexpensive way to bring a pop of color to any room. The bedroom of course seems predestined for a dreamy blue curtain but the trend also works well in dining and living rooms. 

Speaking of bedroom: If you want to “bluetify” your bedroom blue bed linen are another excellent choice that will not break the bank.

If you just want to add some blue accents you can choose smaller pieces like tableware, wall art and vases. Cushions on your sofa or bed add some blue hues to your home as well.

blue colored interior
luxury interior design
blue retro couch

Interior trend #2 | Light wood

We already observed the tendency towards light wood furniture in 2020 and before. What’s new in 2021 is that now also ceilings, floors and walls - so basically the entire room - are covered in lighter wood. Whether it’s pine, beech, ash or oak: Light woods are easy to combine and create a modern and bright look. 

The increasing demand for light wood is a result of people’s newfound love for bringing nature inside. Light woods are perfect for creating a minimalist look which we know from Japanese and Scandinavian decor (see our article about Japandi).

Living in a light room with lots of natural materials and minimalist style creates a sense of zen and gives the appearance of more space - just as a mirror creates the illusion of a bigger room.

No matter what your interior style is: Light wood blends in perfectly in any style from Scandinavian to Country. 

For a modern look just combine it with furniture made of black or dark grey metal. Dining chairs, coffee tables or shelves with delicate metal legs are an  excellent contrast to the natural material and create a dynamic atmosphere.

light wood interior design
lightwood living room desk

Interior trend #3 | Rattan & Caning

Rattan furniture, lamps and accessories like boxes and plant pots have been popular already for years.So it’s not a surprise the demand is huge in 2021. Same is true for chairs, shelves and sideboards made of caning: The woven material creates a light and friendly look and feel and brings in a romantic Boho vibe.

The rattan and caning trend of 2021 can be perfectly combined with the indoor garden trend and (again) helps us to create a zen-like home which brings us closer to nature.

ratta lamps
Caning bench
Bathroom interior design

Interior trend #4 | Multifunctional spaces 

The tendency to live in open spaces with more and more loft apartments being built is connected to the increasing creation of multifunctional spaces. 

Working, cooking, relaxing and exercising all in one room - this has been the goal of efficient interior design when it comes to the styling of one-room-apartments. Now it’s not only a need, but a trend. Since Corona forced many of us to integrate their home offices in their living rooms or bedrooms the interest in creating multifunctional spaces even has become bigger. 

But not only working at home has led to the new development. The health movement with its healthy food, home and garden gyms also contributed to the increasing demand of creating spaces that combine various functions. 

Luxury Loft interior design
home spa
minimalistic luxury living room

Interior trend #5 | Neutral cream colors

Moving away from the fast pace of the digital world, creating a cozy retreat that embraces us with calmness and zen vibes: This can be achieved by implementing neutral colors in our home. Bring them in in the form of wall paint, color of floors, rugs or big upholstery pieces like sofas and beds .Neutral shades like off-white, cream and sand are the perfect colors for creating spaces that feel calm, warm and welcoming at the same time. 

No matter what your interior design style is: With the right combination of furniture and accessories you can create any space you want - from modern and minimalist over elegant and classy to natural and nordic styles. 

The big advantage of this color trend is that creamy neutral colors are in perfect harmony with almost every other color. Cream shades paired with black or dark blue, anthracite or dark green feel fresh while combined with earthy tones like brown, terracotta and mustard yellow they serve as a calming base that brings together all the colors. 

You can even combine them amongst each other. Off white, sand and beige are part of the same color scheme and the perfect choice for creating neutral spaces that feel friendly, light and natural. 

Check out our article about how to style your home in creamy shades for more inspiration.

Old building clean bedroom
cream white living room
creme interior design

Interior trend #6 | Colorful bathrooms

Bathroom maximalism as an interior trend is going to explode in 2021. Bathrooms in intensive colors like green, pink and blue are super trendy and going to improve the mood immediately in the morning. Colored tiles in rich jewel tones like emerald, purple and burgundy or pastel shades like candy pink, mint or light yellow create a fresh look and an atmosphere that feels so much cozier than boring white bath tiles. 

Adding in some gold bathroom accessories as an accent makes it even more glamorous and elegant.With the right lighting - meaning a well thought out combination of wall sconces and ceiling lights - you create a room that you don’t ever want to leave again.

retro bathroom interior desing
bathroom decor
wild bathroom design

Interior trend #7 | Modern 80’s

Angular shapes, glass, high gloss surfaces and Art déco design are the characteristics of the Modern 80’s style that is going to be big in 2021. These shapes have been modern in the 1980’s which is why they are popular again today. 

The combination of bold colors and contemporary materials create a space that feels modern yet takes you back in time.

When selecting colors for a room in Modern 80’s-style go for contrasting shades - this will create a fresh and lively look and feel. Black and cream, for instance, is a very classy combination whereas white and orange or pink create a rather urban look.

80s inspired living room
retro living room
retro bedroom

Interior trend #8 | Sustainability

A while ago society had started to think more about where the things they surround themselves with are coming from, how they have been made, by whom and under which conditions. This new thinking has led to a new development - especially in fashion and interior design. People started caring about what impact the production of furniture is leaving on the planet - their ecological footprint. 

Today, there are more and more brands inventing new, sustainable materials and production methods that have a greater benefit to designers, manufacturers, consumers and our planet. Companies that value mother earth and the ressources by prioritizing ethical and sustainable practices from sourcing to shipment have moved into the focus of interest and are now getting the well-deserved attention that will grow even more in the upcoming years.

sustainable pillow
sustainable rug
sustainable runner

Interior trend #9 | Colored glass

Colored glass decor, colorful glass lamps and tables with glass tops add an elegant and modern vibe to your home. A pendant light with a smoked glass lampshade over the dining table puts the dining area into the spotlight while colored glass vases or decoration objects can be used in the entire room to create this special flair. 

Side and coffee tables as well as dining tables with colorful glass table tops are setting a statement. Just think of a dining table with white marble base and a  grey smoked glass table top creating an elegant, modern but still timeless look in your dining room.

colored glas furniture
colored glas decor
colored glas containers

Interior trend #10 | Curved shapes

Rounded furniture is another interior trend in 2021 that expresses our desire to live in harmony with nature. Circular and other organic shapes are not only used for tables like the iconic kidney table but also for any other kind of interior piece from sofas, chairs and benches to accessories like mirrors, vases and candle holders. 

retro living room
luxury interior design
neat bedroom interior design

Interior trend #11 | Indoor Gardens & natural elements

Not only natural material furniture and decoration are a big trend in 2021 but also plants themselves. Indoor plants like Monstera, banana plant and Aloe Vera have become stylish accessories that remind us of the exterior life. 

Indoor gardens, green walls and plant shelves - or just a vase with dried flowers or a dried Eucalyptus leaf - bring nature inside our homes and add some green accents to more minimalist interiors. 

The great thing about this interior trend: You can combine flowers, branches and plants with any style. It will help you create cozier spaces and will also have a positive impact on the air quality in your rooms. 

great plant integrated in living room
indor garden

Interior trend #12 | Luxury vintage

The Vintage style has been popular for a couple of years already. Important to state that in 2021 we are not talking about flea market finds but high-end second hand furniture - preloved luxe interior pieces. Adding luxurious vintage pieces to your home means adding something unexpected, a bit of a drama that tells a story of a long gone time. 

Make sure to combine unique pieces with contrasting elements which is key to this interior trend: Strong colors, lush fabrics, luxe elements and a few favorite vintage pieces - just according to the less is more approach. 

Vintage Luxury interior design

Interior trend #13 | Global influences 

Inspired by an earthy color palette and warm, natural textures the global influence trend of 2021 pairs perfectly with wooden furniture, rattan pieces and other woven home accessories. 

This trend of escapism creates a bold safari feel influenced by wildlife and the African landscape. It makes us feel home but at the same time dream ourselves away. 

mixed interior design
extravagant interior decor
bird wallpaper

Tip: For creating your outdoor space on a terrace, balcony or porch stick to a similar color palette as the interior while layering textures and colors in order to create a cozy and warm look and feel. Learn more in our articles: Interior Design Trends 2020 and Interior Design Trends 2022.

To create your own personal living ambience, it is worth exploring different furnishing styles in more detail and discovering your own preferences in the process.

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