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December 22, 2020

How to style your Home with Creamy Colors

Creating a room in neutral shades of sand, off-white and cream can become a challenge. In order to create a space that feels calm but not boring you just have to follow 5 tips when styling your home.

We are completely obsessed with the new color trend that seems to be so unspectacular at first. Creamy colors are the new white or - if white anyways hasn’t been something for you in previous years - can be considered as the new grey.

The great thing about these milky creams and biscuit shades is that there is so much variance possible that creamy interiors mustn’t feel boring or monochromatic at all! To the contrary: The huge color palette provides options to create a space that feels calm and diverse at the same time.

The variations of creamy tones are almost endless. Beige, off-white and sand are the “old” names that have been supplemented by tan, taupe and nude while today we also speak of old and new white, ecru, paper and stone - just to name a few. Also jute, rattan and linen are used to describe these new creamy tones.

Ah, we mustn’t forget to mention champagne! The elegant off-white adds a little bit of glamour to any room as it has this subtle sparkle that makes walls and surfaces shine. So this shade of cream is for all the glam lovers among us and is perfect (for example when used as wall paint) to add a luxurious look and feel to any room.

As we all know every color has an impact on how a room feels. The great effect of off-whites, beiges and all the subtle sandy tones is that they create a calm, resting environment that makes us feel safe and welcome.

In creamy shades we find refuge from our hectic everyday life, from the fast-paced digital world that doesn’t give us time to breath.

With off-whites and beiges our homes take on a more organic, earthy feel and bring us back to our desire to be surrounded by nature.

Rustic living room in shades of beige
home decor in pastel
interior design with natural limestone

Speaking of interior styles there are by the way many options to combine any style with cream colors. Milky shades are for modern interiors just as suitable as for country or glamorous interiors. The trick is to choose the right colors to be combined with all the beiges, off-whites and nudes.

For minimalist environments this can result in tone-in-tone concepts where it’s just the different shades of cream that are combined with each other whereas for Boho and New Scandinavian interiors it’s more earthy tones like caramel and light browns that create a calm creamy look.

It can become a bit of a challenge when creating a room exclusively with cream colors. There are some easy tricks that make the difference between a wow-interior and a nah-interior. So when you are deciding to style your rooms in creamy tones after re-furnishing or moving in another house - just follow these 5 tips in order to create a space that feels warm, calm and lively.

Luxurious lounge in creamy colours
clean interior in different white tones
Interior in different earth colors

#1 Different shades of cream

Combine different creamy tones in order to add depth to your space. You can start with a large area rug or paint your walls in a calm off-white. Then add bigger upholstery pieces like sofa, bed and chairs as well as curtains in slightly darker shades and finish with cushions, wall pictures and decoration in light browns and rich caramel tones.

This way you stay in the same color palette but add vitality by combining different intensities.

Another way to create depth without disturbing the room’s calmness is to integrate wooden furniture. Wood increases the natural vibes of a creamy interior and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Natural oak, beech or acacia harmonize perfectly with off-white, champagne or sand in which the interior style doesn’t matter at all.

Luxurious living room
couch in living room with colors of cream

#2 Add different textures and materials

When styling a room in subtle off-whites texture is key. So combine different contrasting materials and focus on tactility to add visual interest to your space. A vibrant mix of textures and materials even keeps a pale color palette interesting and vibrant.

Especially think of textiles when trying to integrate texture. Rugs, curtains, plaids and cushions and sofa covers offer great options. Combine silk and velvet cushions with your corduroy couch and use a fake fur plaid to cozy up in the colder time of the year. In your bedroom you can combine linen and knitted cushions to your cotton bed linen and use a sheep skin rug for covering the floor. In the living room a rough, thick wool rug and elegant velvet curtains create a vibrant look that still feels calm thanks to the subtle color palette.

Boxes and baskets made of natural materials such as rattan and wicker are another excellent way to add more texture. Natural weaves create a connection to nature outside, feel warm and can be easily combined with any style.

You can also add texture with furniture and lamps. Especially (untreated) wood surfaces create a dynamic atmosphere. But you can also think of sideboards and drawers with fronts with 3D optics or metallic details that create the impression of texture.

Lamps with structured surfaces also add visual interest to a creamy space. Think of a pendant lamp made of molded wood over the dining table or an elegant table lamp with a structured glass lampshade on your night stand or coffee table.

interior with different tones of beige
centerpiece in different shades of beige
natural surfaces

#3 Play with different layers of cream textiles and decoration

Layering has been an interior trend a while ago and still is essential for creating cozy Boho looks. Layering also helps when styling a room with cream tones.

The easiest way to add visual interest via layering is to combine different textile home accessories such as plaids, rugs and cushions.

Just think of a sofa that is covered with different throw cushions in various shapes and sizes. Combine these with one or two throws (of different materials > see #2) and don’t hesitate to create a layering look by adding a sheep skin or other fake fur rug to your carpet.

Another way to create depth and visual diversity is to combine different decoration pieces like candle holders, vases and mirrors. Arranging them on different levels (i.e. placing one on a coffee table book) gives your sideboard or drawer in front of a creamy wall a dynamic look.

Are you a fan of wall images? Then think of arranging them on a wallboard or sideboard while they are leaning against the wall and while a bigger one is slightly covered by a smaller one.

bedroom decor
Lounge from above
bathroom storage

#4 Cream interior with bold shapes

By selecting furniture with interesting shapes you help create a dynamic look and feel in a creamy space. Sofas, tables and arm chairs in organic and asymmetric shapes add visual interest to any room and serve as a break in an all-cream room.

Going for bold shapes works perfectly for styling modern minimalist interiors. Especially when you are designing a monochromatic look bold and asymmetric shaped furniture in addition to making use of different textiles and layering helps to add diversity and vividness to any tone-in-tone space.

living room chair
Ceiling light center piece

#5 Cream combined with strong colors

Though the great thing about off-white interior colors is that they completely work among themselves without any other contrast color, but adding another strong color can also be a game changer. Especially when styling a space in more playful styles like New Scandinavian, Boho or Eclectic combining more intense colors helps to create a dynamic space.

There are different color combinations that work for different styles.

If your interior is more modern and minimalist the best option is to combine cream colors with black. Curtains, cushions, rugs or decoration in black create optical depth and vividness.

If black as the contrast color is too much then maybe a very dark blue, anthracite or dark green are the better choice? Either way, definitely choose a tone that is almost black to create depth as big as possible.

big living room
clean sleeping room

For a more playful, eclectic interior style basically any other colors work great in combination with off-white, sand and beige. From pastel colors to vibrant pink, red, green or blue to rich jewel tones such as burgundy, emerald and peacock blue and berry colors: They all create a lively, vivid look in combination with calm cream shades.

Interiors in Boho and New Scandinavian style on the contrary can be combined with more natural, earthy tones such as terracotta, burnt orange, mid century blue and mustard yellow.

Add accessories like candle holders, mirrors and vases for adding a touch of glamour or just for creating a contrast to textiles and wood furniture. Metallic decoration in brass, gold, copper or silver make every room feel a bit more luxurious while adding visual interest and playing with contrasts at the same time.

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