March 7, 2022

Interior design trends in 2022

Interior design trends in 2022 will centre around innovation, comfort, and global influences. We’ve selected 7 the most popular interior design trends for 2022 to inspire you to design the home you love. Another year, another trend review for you, our dear readers.

We have researched and read through various reports from interior architects and designers to summarise and inspire the 10 most popular home trends for you. Your home should be designed according to your wishes and preferences. Interior design trends for 2022 will revolve around innovation, retreats, comfort and global influences. Dive into the world of comfortable living and learn more by reading on below.

1. Sustainability

With all the environmental issues coming to surface, people will be more and more conscious about world welfare and how one can help to make it better. You will see new trends popping up focusing on reused materials, second hand furniture and innovative material concepts such as “vegan” leather made of cactus or mango fruit skin.

Sustainable materials
Image credit: Watson & Wolfe

2. Home Offices Upgrades

People realising that the home office is here to stay, they will be really dedicating entire spaces and fresh new interior concepts for redesigning them. More personalisation, decorations will be sought after, as well as interior architecture help with redefining the spaces if the home office happens to be located in an open area.

home office in 2022
Image credit: Nicole Hollis

3. Shades of brown

Going back to the earthy tones, grounding ourselves is the trend here to stay. We in Switzerland love the neutral tones as we are also so close to nature, thus we are happy to welcome this trend. Also, what we like about it is that it can be versatile. Mixing various brown tones can create a super sophisticated or rather down-to-earth and nature-inspired look.

brown interior design trend
Image credit: Fermliving 

4. Nature inspired surfaces and objects

Surrounding yourself with nature-inspired home décor elements will be continuing trend from last year. People will want to bring it indoors. Celebrate it. This year, however, the trend will be taken a step further as people will be not only bringing nature inside, but also creating and purchasing various objects with nature motives and taking it to the next level. Home décor with some intricate detailing, prints and patterns to resemble the colours and textures of nature will be a hit this year. If you can’t imagine what we are talking about, look at these stunning rugs! Aren’t they gorgeous?

nature inspired surfaces
Image credit: Jab

5. Sculptural and Curved Furniture

Beautiful, sculptural furniture will be trendy and sought-after in 2022. The trend started by fashion design influence, and carried on with Instagram aesthetics a few years back, will be alive and well in 2022 again. By bringing the sculptural elements in, people want to add interest in their homes, break the standard molds and create a stylish environment to live in.  

curved furniture
Image credit: Meridiani and Novamobili

6. Mixing Materials and Design Styles

The global influences and blend of various cultural aesthetics will be trending in 2022. Having been staying put for longer times, people miss travelling and experiencing different sceneries all the world. As a result, eclectic style and bold mixing of colour and texture will be emerging.

mixed interior design
Image credit: Upscale Interiors

7. High Tech Homes

With technology becoming more and more part of who we are, there is no surprise that in 2022 there will be even more integration. With various topics trending such as Meta and online working, people will be seeking advanced technologies to improve their day-to-day lives. Either it is a new integrated speaker into a desk, or a smart cooking device as part of the kitchen built-in – whatever helps to catch up with the fast moving trend.

smarthome bedroom
Image credit: Bang & Olufsen

8. Venetian Plaster and Limewash

In 2022 artisan movements will also be trending. People having been exposed to technology and virtual reality will be craving for a sense of grounding. For this reason, appreciation for historical artefacts, techniques will be made a great importance again – such as ancient wall treatments and a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. 

Limewash interior design
Image credit: Fermliving

9. Tactile Textures and Textiles

Similar trend idea as the latter, the tactile textures and textiles will make into light this year even more. People will be wanting to ground themselves, feel cosy, while surrounding themselves with the special tactile textures, such as wood, fur, sand etc. Such elements will be seen often to be integrated in various furniture designs and home décor products.

Luxury hallway
Image credit: Upscale Interiors

10. Indoor Escape Rooms

With constant lockdowns all over the world, people will be planning their indoor getaways. Hence dedicated creative hobby rooms as such will be trending in 2022 including music-themed rooms, crystal rooms to name a few.

Indoor Escape Rooms
Image credit: photography by Jenna Peffley for MYDOMAINE

Would like to know how to implement some interior design trends into your home? Feel free to book a consultation with us – we are happy to help! Learn more in our articles: Interior Design Trends 2020 and Interior Design Trends 2021.

To create your own personal living ambience, it is worth exploring different furnishing styles in more detail and discovering your own preferences in the process.

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