December 22, 2020

Interior Design Trends 2020: The defining styles and furnishing ideas of the year

Interior design trends in 2020 will centre around wellbeing, comfort, and sustainability. We’ve picked 5 of the most beautiful interior design trends for 2020 to inspire you to `upscale` your home to bring the sense of calm and happiness.

The 2020 interior trends, including a modern boho look and innovative art elements, will revolve around well-being, comfort and sustainability. The focus is on design and interior, which together create an aesthetic as well as functional living environment. We've picked out 5 of the most beautiful interior trends for 2020 to inspire you to bring a sense of calm and happiness to your home with style and a touch of modernity, while living sustainably.

1. Structured Simplicity

Materials, perceived as humble – rattan, plywood, jute, sisal, hemp and terracotta will be used more than ever the next years. Wabi-sabi trend, is  also coming back. Western countries are being inspired by Japanese simplicity and culture a lot lately.    

Wabi-Sabi living room


2. Mighty Marble

Marble has always been a noble material. With its staggering veins and a spectrum of color and pattern choices, you can definitely find the most suitable marble for your interior. Whether a small bowl or a whole marble wall, it will add an impact and luxury to your interior.

mighty marble kitchen

3. Understated Cane

This year as expected, cane (or Rattan) is everywhere. From furniture such as chairs, armchairs, side boards, to the smallest accessories, like table ware – all will add a wonderful feel of nature and sense of style to your home.

rattan furniture

4. Pattern Play

Be inspired to have fun with patterns this year - mix animal prints with botanical prints, bold with stripes. Fun prints and eclectic furniture and accessories selection will make your home look like a stylish Parisian laidback luxury apartment.

botanical tapestries bathroom

5. Bringing Nature In

Surround yourself with nature. Bring it indoors. Celebrate it. Even the smallest plants around your bed or bathroom will make a difference to your home and help you relax better after a long day at work.

Blending with nature is one of the key features defining interior design trends for 2020, so make sure you add a few nature-inspired elements to your home to get a sense of calm and relaxation.  

hanging plants

Would like to know how to implement some interior design trends into your home? Feel free to book a consultation with us – we are happy to help! Discover our new articles about Interior trends 2021 and Interior trends 2022.

To create your own personal living ambience, it is worth exploring different furnishing styles in more detail and discovering your own preferences in the process.

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