December 6, 2023

Furnishing a girl's room: Creative ideas for a dreamy teenage bedroom

What is the best way to furnish a girl's room? As a parent, you may be wondering what details you should pay attention to if you want to create a girls' room that stands out from the monotony of typical children's rooms. As different as boys and girls are in everyday life, their needs are just as different when it comes to their room. That's why we're providing you tips on furniture and decorations to help you design your daughter's own space.

Good ideas for children's room

What girl doesn't dream of having a private space for herself where she can let go of her creativity? When furnishing a girl's room, you should bear in mind to leave enough space for your daughter's own creativity for her to unfold unhindered. 

It is not the same whether you want to design a children's room for boys or a room in which a girl specifically feels comfortable.

As beautiful as traditional ideas about wall design and colors may sometimes be, like the idea of a children's room being designed in the color pink, it needs to be considered that they are not always the best option. Involve your daughter in the planning when you are furnishing her room, even though she is a child. Individual personality plays a major role in finding suitable ideas for the space. 

Apart from the fact that pink used to be the color of choice for girls and blue for boys, the diversity of colors is much greater nowadays. Other shades, including neutral tones such as gray or creamy white, have long since conquered children's rooms. Especially hyperactive or nervous kids as well as teens are calmed by relaxing, neutral shades. Also make sure not to overload the girls' room with decorations when furnishing it. There should always be enough free wall and floor space so your daughter can decorate her own space with personal items.

Design a girl's room with a loft bed

loft bed girl

Children and teenagers need lots of space to play, so you can design a girls' room with a loft bed to free up space on the floor. So how can you implement that?
It is recommended to do so at an age of around 6 years. Children love to climb and have their own "cozy corner". If you design a children's room with a loft bed, your daughter will feel like a princess and also have the feeling that she has her "own space", high above the everyday world of adults.

However, to ensure that your daughter sleeps safely and has safe access, you should follow a few tips when designing a girls' room with a loft bed. Remember that safety is always the top priority. Wobbly constructions made of inferior materials, such as those often found in cheap products without have no place in your daughter's room. When designing a girl's room with a loft bed, remember that only the stable construction itself and a safe staircase or ladder can guarantee your daughter's safety. Solid, healthy and sustainable wood models with soft curves, for example, are therefore recommended if you want to design the room this way. These generally offer a high-quality construction and a solution with way less risk for injury in comparison to sharp-edged materials such as chipboard or metal. 

Furnish a sustainable girls' room with natural solid wood

sustainable girl room

It is generally a good idea to always pay attention to the sustainability of the furniture materials, not only when designing a room with a loft bed, but also when furnishing a girls' room at ground level.

Similar to other furnishings, you should attach importance to natural materials such as solid wood. The soft, warm surface of wood is particularly pleasant to touch. Solid wood furniture is often made with simple plug-in joints with wooden pins or traditional glued joints as well. Fortunately, you won't find loose, protruding screws or flaking melanin corners in healthy wooden furniture. Fine solid wood harmonizes ideally with all colors when you are furnishing a new girls' room: Whether warm pink, refreshing light blue or calming pastel green - the light wood tone is always an ideal option as a combination.

Another advantage is the natural properties of wood, which have a positive effect on your children's health as well as the air in the room. At the same time, sensitivity for active environmental awareness is promoted at an early age. You should also give preference to wood over other materials when it comes to decorations and toys.

Furnishing a girl's room with a personal touch

girl's room with a personal touch

Are you looking for new design ideas to furnish an individual children's room for girls or is your daughter already a teenager and you want to furnish her own teenage girl's room? Then we have some great ideas for you. In addition to the furnishings, the colors usually play an important role. Of course, these also depend on the age: if you are setting up a children's room for girls, you should definitely choose soft pastel shades, especially when they are babies and toddlers. Later, when they come of age, the colors can be stronger. Very often, your teenager will already be making specific suggestions. However, avoid too many brightly colored areas and only use a bold shade on one wall when designing the walls. Alternatively, you could use a pop of color in the form of a rug. This can be changed quickly if your daughter has outgrown her favorite shade.

So if you are furnishing a teenage girl's room, make sure you leave some room for change. Tastes change quickly at a young age. If you use pictures to decorate the walls, they will have a big impact on the overall impression. Just like the carpet mentioned above, they can be quickly replaced with new ones when the horse lover turns into a pop star fan. However, personal pictures such as photos or art are recommended if you want to create an individual room for the youth. If you are currently furnishing a children's room for girls, heroes from books or comics can spice up the walls for children too.

Montessori nursery design

Are you looking for a particularly exclusive design when furnishing your children's room? Would you like to furnish a children's room for girls that really stands out from the crowd? How about the Montessori nursery design? When you furnish a children's room for girls, you will find that this extraordinary design style will inspire your kids. The modern principles of the Italian reform pedagogue help children to develop freely. As parents, they show you a way of furnishing a nursery for girls that focuses on your daughter's real needs. This includes a freely accessible bed on the floor and open shelves where every toy has its own place. If you create a nursery for girls that is based on Montessori rules, even toddlers can do everything themselves without help.

Teenage room furniture for girls

Teenage room for girls

The Montessori children's room design is primarily aimed at babies and toddlers when you are furnishing a children's room for girls. The growing teenager is already developing other requirements that have a direct influence on the design when you are furnishing a teenager's room for girls. Older teenage daughters are increasingly starting to study at home. If you are furnishing a girls' room, let our interior designers inspire you. Their great ideas are adapted to the design concept adequate to your daughter's age. When decorating a children's room, remember that she will be spending a lot of her time there. At a rather difficult age, she is looking for refuge and a private space of her own.

Do you need more inspiration? When you furnish a children's room with our interior designers, you will quickly realize that there is no shortage of ideas. Based on your personal requirements, experienced designers will develop a concept in the design package per area that is sure to fulfill all your daughter's wishes for an individual design. This way, you can create a dreamy space for girls that is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. You can also find more ideas for girls' rooms and all about furnishing in our Upscale Style Quiz. Put it to the test and find out for yourself which furnishing style suits you best!

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