May 25, 2020

Furnishing a Kids’ Room: 5 Ideas for Creative Design

As we were all once children, we understand that it was a stage in our lives where our most impulsive decisions were made.

Since we were all once children, we understand that there was a phase in our lives when our most impulsive decisions and ideas were formed. We either liked something or we didn't, there was no in-between. At this stage of life, the environment, including modern design and decorative elements, influences children's development and the growth of their interests. They interpret and respond to their environment, which can be positively influenced by creative wall design and interior decoration. This article gives advice on how to integrate the child's interests into the room through decoration and design when furnishing the kids' room and how to make the room pretty and practical at the same time.

1. The World of Colours

When designing a kids' room, it is not mandatory to use pink for a girl's room or blue for a boy's room. Choosing calming colours such as pastel or neutral tones are practical and pleasing for children and teenagers. These colours are also more calming than bright colours, which can make a child rather nervous. Furnishing a kids' room also involves adding colourful cushions, patterned drop curtains or a decorative lamp to enhance the room.

Cot in pink

2. A Good Night Sleep

Good sleep leads to good health. This means that it is important to make sleeping hours as comfortable and restful as possible. For younger children, this can be ensured by putting stickers on the blankets and using lights such as balloon lamps. Adding duvet patterns, cushions in different designs or fabrics, blankets and pillows will make going to bed feel more like an adventure than a routine. Our kids' room decorating ideas for you: When choosing pillows, blankets, etc., choose comfortable, soft materials to achieve a cosier and more comfortable sleep. It may be beneficial to talk to the children to find out how they like to sleep. Some like it without a pillow at all, others want to be tucked in. So it comes down to identifying their individual wishes for a good night's sleep.

Sleeping corner

3. Creating a Special Corner

Space dedicated to helping your child develop their interests and practice their hobbies is a great start. When designing a kids' room, if your child likes to draw, perhaps one wall in the room could be used as a blackboard. You can also make room for a pin board, where your child can collect inspirational patterns, colors and more. Or a poof to encourage your kids to sit down and read.

As the child is physically growing, the space around them gets smaller. Mirrors are a great solution to make the room seem more spacious for your growing child.  Perhaps change the lighting for a fresh new look which can uplift your teenager's mood.

play corner for children

4. Decorative Items

When decorating a child's bedroom, you must also bear in mind that children often change their style several times. Therefore, it is not recommended to design a bedroom in one specific motive. Keeping the walls and main furniture in neutral colours yet complete the room with accessories and details, which the child enjoys as it’s all about the details! So if your child likes lego, you don’t need to paint the walls in eye-catching red or blue instead, buy pillows in lego patterns or bold colours as they are always easy to change.

As your child grows older, their taste changes too. The details can easily be replaced by new ones which match the current interests of your child. Good decorative items could for example be frames. They are simple but elegant and the images can be changed easily depending on the varying interests of the child/adolescent. They can be bought at Ikeaa in many different and inexpensive variations. Read more about how you can set up a cozy corner in the children's room!

decoration on the wall

5. Last, but not least.

The main purpose of a kids' room is to let the kid feel comfortable and give him/her a place for themselves. Therefore, its very important that everything is in it’s right place. If it’s the lightning, the fabrics, the desk measurements, the right chairs or using childfriendly materials, everything can affect the child’s physical development and encourage his or her imagination. The lightning has a significant impact in a room. Warmer lights, such as orange or yellow, give a more soothing and cosy atmosphere, where the child/adolescent can feel safe and calm, a perfect condition to enter deep and rejuvenating slumber, ready for the next day.

There is a lot of work to be done to make a perfect room for your child or teenager. We can help you make it simple & affordable.

To make your kids' rooms perfect, you can work with our interior designers.

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