October 17, 2023

Boys' room: Cool and creative ideas for youth rooms

Children's rooms are only worth living in for boys if the furnishings are right. Ideally, kids’ room should offer plenty of space for playing, relaxing and learning. In this blog, we reveal the key highlights on what is important to keep in mind when designing a boy's room.

Furnishing a children's room for boys: this is how it's done

Children's rooms for boys only differ by selection of materials and colors from girls' rooms; when it comes to choosing furniture, the requirements are the same. The age of the child determines how the furnishings should look. As far as the needs of younger childern are concerned, a good cot and a cosy place to crawl are sufficient for the time being. This changes with increasing age.

Toddlers explore their parents' home, curiously seeking out rooms where they would be more out of place - dangers lurk there. These include the kitchen, the bathroom, the entertainment area or the home office. Therefore, regardless of their age, the offspring should have their own room where they prefer to spend time and can develop their creativity.

Choosing the right furniture can be a challenge and here is why children's rooms should suit their age: For teenagers, playing is increasingly taking a back seat; at the latest during puberty, preferences change. For boys, action figures make way for gripping computer games, girls gladly swap dolls for riding lessons. Then there are school activities - teenagers can't avoid homework and studying. In this often challenging time for parents, it is important to cater to their needs and preferences when it comes to room design.

Boys' room ideas according to Montessori

a blue shelf with various children's articles

A child's environment plays a decisive role in its development. This was the opinion of the famous pedagogue Maria Montessori. A good reason, to go all out when designing a boy's and kid’s room in general.

All pieces of furniture should be easily accessible and at a height suitable for children. This way, the child will be able to access them independently. According to Montessori, the order and clear structures promote concentration and independent learning. The environment should not appear cluttered - less is more, we will show you what matters in Montessori children's room design in our blog.

Structured order in the boys' room

Built-in light grey wardrobe and blue knobs

Toys are often an irritant for parents. If the little ones carelessly throw them into the corners, it can be pure chaos. But that doesn't have to be the case. Kids should learn to keep things tidy on their own, and functional children's furniture can help. They differ from their counterparts in the adult department because they are more compact and therefore well-suited for children's hands.

yellow desk and matching shelves

The range of furniture is wide; shelves, boxes and sideboards are particularly suitable. Drawers and flaps must open and close without effort, all elements should be easily accessible. Children's wardrobes are also available, and these are also one size smaller. However, they don't offer kids much added value; instead, parents have the problem of getting all their winter and summer clothes into them. Clothes and wardrobe cupboards in standard dimensions are better.

Children's room ideas for boys: Set accents with decoration

Loft bed in blue

Child-friendly decoration includes posters and pictures. Parents should let their children select the art or create it by themselves. The repertoire ranges from children's drawings to wall calendars and original art prints. Special pieces are presented expressively in picture frames, while household drawing pins and adhesive tape are sufficient for attaching sketches. Many boys are into wall stickers which could be suitable for a few years and later on can be easily removed, once the child outgrows the theme. These can be a large-format stickers that adhere to wallpaper and smooth surfaces.

As a rule, they can be removed without leaving any residue. In the children's room for boys, however, only motifs that meet the taste are accepted. Without wanting to serve a cliché: Pink unicorns and colourful rainbows are trendy for girls, boys are more tech-savvy. Spaceships, space scenes with stars, robots and comic heroes are very popular. However, every child is special and their personal liking should be heard once parent’s design their montessori inspired room.

Boys' room: a retreat with added value

2 small white children's beds and patterned wallpaper

Children's rooms should be cosy and include cosy corners. These are particularly popular with toddlers - this applies to both girls and boys. There are no fixed rules about what a cuddle area should look like, but it should be cosy. Between stuffed animals, blankets and cushions, bedtime stories with mum and dad can be enjoyed all round. If space is tight, a cot for is also an option.

Curtains, roller blinds and curtains for the boys' room.

The appealing window decoration may not be missing in the children's room. However, roller blinds, curtains and drapes for the teenage boys' room must meet certain requirements. The retreat is not only for playing, but also for learning. Optimal lighting conditions are important for schoolwork and other creative activities. If they are not right, children tend to stay in more friendly rooms.

A good window decoration lets some daylight through. If a child's desk is directly in front of the window, learning, reading and doing home works is much more pleasant than under artificial light. Curtains, blinds and drapes for the boys' youth room keep out blinding sunlight. Opaque fabrics also have advantages. When it is time for bed, some children find it difficult to go to bed in the summertime while it is still light outside. For this reason, we would recommend considering black out curtains for a good night sleep.

Boys' and girls' rooms boundaries

In principle, boys' and girls' rooms are hardly distinguishable from each other. There is one difference when it comes to colours. Girls often prefer pastel shades, for boys the choice of colour plays a rather subordinate role. Children's rooms should generally be bright and friendly.

For girls’ rooms, however, we recommend to have a space for a dressing table with storage compartments and drawers, if the space allows as it seems to be more and more required by teenagers.

If you are about to furnish a girl's room, you have to be a little more tactful. Parental taste is not always to the liking of the child. Involve your daughter in the planning. If she has not yet reached the age to express concrete wishes, ask her about her favourite colours or which patterns, even animals or flowers she likes. In their teen age, kids try to find their own style and express it through the design of their room. This is particularly noticeable in picture and poster motifs, which can change frequently.

Upscale: work with an interior designer

Whether curtains, children's beds for boys, decorative accessories or children's furniture: furnishing a coherent children's room for boys or girls is no problem with Upscale. Our clients can get the full design concept online. It gets less complicated if professionals take care of the furnishing, measurements and selection of furniture.

Upscale allows you to work with an interior designer right from the start. Interior design experts take care of the room design as well as the assembly and installation of furniture with Upscale’s Hourly service. Unique children's rooms for boys with added value are created.

The advantage: not only do you get a boys' room that exactly matches your ideas, it is also unbeatable in terms of quality. Selected materials, know-how and experience go hand in hand. The first-class workmanship contributes to the fact that furnishings master everyday life, especially in children's rooms for boys. If things get a bit rough during romping and playing, this is no challenge for quality furniture. 

Conclusion: Great children's room ideas for boys

Children's rooms for boys can be furnished without much effort. The focus is on decoration, gaming, games and fun, and with the right accessories and furniture, boredom is a thing of the past. But there are other rooms in the home that are just waiting for you to give them a boost. These include the home office, the living room or the bedroom. If you're still lacking great interior design ideas, then it's best to let our Upscale Style Quiz inspire you. There we provide you with the latest home trends and experts give you helpful design tips. Take a look - it's worth it and don’t forget to book a call with us for free!



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