January 17, 2023

The country house style and modern trends: a successful combination

The country house style has its roots in British cottages (country houses). It is a style of furnishing that is reminiscent of country life or holidays in the countryside. Cosiness and functionality are the focus of this style. The country house style kitchen is considered the epitome of traditional kitchens.

What are the specific characteristics of this style of living?

When furnishing a country-style kitchen, the focus is on cosy elegance and suitability for everyday use, creating a living environment that invites you to linger. Accessories such as farmhouse paintings, Shaker furniture or unique finds from the flea market integrate perfectly with country style ideas. The use of old-fashioned materials such as earthenware, cotton, leather, linen, zinc and brass characterises the rustic forms of this living and architectural style and brings warmth and tradition into living.

Different types of wood are left natural, and floral motifs and tasteful lighting round off the look. One of the most important features of this style is the enormous storage space, which benefits families with children in particular.

The modern variant

The modern country house style is very similar to the traditional one, but differs in that less is more. Floral motifs recede into the background and are often replaced by other motifs. The country house style likes to use antique biscuit tins, beer mugs, glasses or brass mortars as decoration, which is also mostly used practically. 

The modern version uses only modern utensils, which are stored in the boxes. There are few decorations that consist mainly of pictures. The modern style variant focuses on multifunctionality. Less decoration, but still light colours are preferred in contrast to other modern styles in dark colours.

European minimalism Country house Style living room
Source: Bloomingville

The country style kitchen

The country-style kitchen takes on an important role. In England, guests are not received and fed in the kitchen, but in the living room. 

The staff take their tea in the kitchen or meet acquaintances there. In Europe, friends are received or breakfast is taken in kitchens with country-style furniture. Decorative chandeliers with vintage candle light bulbs are a special eye-catcher. 

The modern variant uses LED versions in the shape of candles. The country-style kitchen scores points above all for cosiness, so many people use the country kitchen as a living room. Children love to play in the spacious kitchen or celebrate the children's birthday with their friends there.

Living room with country house style furniture

A living room in this style is used for cosy get-togethers and for welcoming business partners, guests or relatives. Tea or coffee is also served here. 

Country style furniture for the living room is usually large, comfortable upholstered furniture and wing chairs that will last for generations. In the living room, a crackling fire in the fireplace always ensures cosiness. The colours are bright and bring fresh mint, blue, red or pastel tones into everyday life. 

Pine and several other high-quality woods are preferred. Turned table legs, kitchen credenzas with painted glass and turned elements are almost always a fixed component of this style. Country style furniture is very popular because of its timeless elegance and high comfort. It combines well with Scandinavian furniture.

What types of country house style are there?

This style of home is found in almost all rural areas of Europe and has regional characteristics. The best-known variants are the French country house style, the rustic, Alpine country house style, the English style variant and the maritime country house style: a sub-type is Shabby Chic, in which objects are deliberately given a used appearance. 

The country house style kitchen has the most regional differences. The Alpine variant of country-style furniture is much more rustic than the English country-style variant.

Set country house accents with decorations!

In the countryside, whether in Provence, on the stormy Breton or Cornish coast or in the frosty-cold Alpine regions, plaids, coarse knit blankets and decorative cushions cannot be missing on country house style furniture. Checks, floral patterns and stripes deliberately set accents that certainly don't miss their mark! Metal and glass in the form of decorative lamps, floor lamps and table lamps add a noble touch.

What makes country style furniture so interesting?

In addition to its high functionality, this furniture impresses with its cosiness and timeless elegance. The good combinability makes it possible to combine this style with furniture of others. 

This furniture is particularly durable. The country-style kitchen can be upgraded at any time with modern appliances without detracting from the stylish overall impression. No matter if this kitchen is 50 years old or younger, you will always find suitable spare parts (light bulbs for the chandeliers).

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