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December 22, 2020

9 Christmas decoration ideas 2020 for your home

Christmas is only a few days away and we all want to cozy up for the festive time, prepare for the big Christmas dinner and decorate our homes with wreaths and garlands. Get inspired by the Christmas decoration trends for 2020 and get your home ready!

Soon the most festive event of the year is coming! And wouldn’t it be nice to try something new this year? Instead of the traditional Christmas decor from previous years?

This year’s Christmas trends reflect the overall interior trends of 2020 quite well. From minimal Christmas decoration over shiny looks in gold to natural eco trends. Even maximal minimalism is covered by this year’s decoration trends so that everyone can pick their favorite. And the choice is huge this year!

Get inspired by the following decoration ideas and make your home ready for Christmas!

#1 Minimalist Christmas decor

Minimalist decoration can have a big impact when it has the right stage to shine. Small and tiny garlands in gold, brass or even more minimalist in black and white are perfect to create a clean but festive look. Delicate wreaths or branches are the right choice for nature fans and bring a natural vibe indoors.

Candle holders in geometric shapes also are an ideal decoration choice for a simple and minimalist Christmas style.

Whatever decor you choose: Keep in mind “Less is more” and stick to a few pieces in a reduced color scheme.

The “all white” look is super elegant and clean at the same time. Add decor pieces in black - for an urban look - or gold - for a little festive vibe - to create some sort of contrast.

christmas decor
chrsitmas fairy lights
neat christmas deco

#2 Christmas decoration in autumn colors

Christmas decoration and autumn colors are a great couple! And indeed: These shades are completely new to us but fit common Christmas themes surprisingly well .

Instead of traditional Christmas colors like green, red and white the new color palette takes up the current color trends: Deep burgundy, vibrant terracotta, rich mustard and rusty red are here to dominate the Christmas stage. Together with gold and wood elements in brown and beige a natural and elegant look is created.

Combine Christmas decoration in autumn colors with dried flowers or branches to add a natural flair to your rooms.

Add accents in black for a mature look that feels a bit dramatic (but just a little).

Christmas Deco
Christmas Decor
Christmas Sock

#3 Use heights for Christmas decor

Make use of your vertical space and decorate walls and furniture by adding hanging decoration like wreaths or garlands.

Especially in smaller spaces this trend exploits its full potential: A garland over the dining table, a wreath on the wall and some Christmas hangers in the windows make a beautiful decoration without taking up any space.

Tip: When you decorate your dining table with a Christmas garland make sure it doesn’t hang too low in order not to distract your guests during their conversations.

Christmas bouquet
Christmas interior decoration
christmas decoration

#4 Small space Christmas decor ideas

Not enough space for a real tree? Does this sound familiar to you? Especially in small rooms additional Christmas decoration can make the room feel cluttered and out-balanced. But still we want to add at least some decoration to get in the right mood for the festive time.

The solution: Look for two dimensional options that don’t take up any space. An Advent calendar for instance serves as decoration and holds sweets and little surprises for every day.

For the ones who love doing DIY’s: Why not create a 2D-Christmas tree made of paper or wood? There are plenty of options that don’t take up any space but have almost the same effect as a real tree.

Remember: Also use heights and decorate your walls with Christmas garlands and wreaths. Keep in mind that especially delicate pieces are perfect for smaller rooms as they don’t make them feel overloaded.

Advent calendar
christmas home decor
Advent calendar

#5 Gold, gold & gold for your Christmas decoration

Make your Christmas dinner stand out before your guests even have tried it by adding some (or some more) golden accents. With plates and cutlery in gold and glasses with gold elements a centerpiece for your Christmas dining table is no longer needed!

Combine the gold trend with another interior trend we know from several years ago: Layering.

A layered dining decoration consisting of table cloth and napkin, large, decorative plates and normal plates make your table decoration stand out and create a classy and elegant look when combined with gold.

Tip: Golden plates or table accessories in the shape of leaves integrate a subtle natural vibe into the luxe scene and are perfect to create a more glamorous style.

And because it’s Christmas everything is allowed: So combine all that glitters and shines to create an opulent look if you want to.

You don’t want to invest in golden plates or cutlery? You don’t have to! Candle holders and Christmas baubles in gold create the same look and feel and are less pricy or even might be part of your home decoration anyways.

christmas candle
Great decorated dining table
Christmas dining table decor

#6 Pink Christmas decor

Following the interior color trends of 2020 we mustn’t forget to mention pink as a trend for this year’s Christmas. The complete color palette of pink starting from pastel rose to intense pink shades are new for Christmas decoration. Combined with gold and dark grey a fresh and surprising look is created. This color trend even works together with autumn oranges and reds and will definitely catch your guests’ attention.

pink christmas decoration
pink home decor
Christmas decor

#7 Go big with your Christmas decor

The opposite of the minimalist approach and following the interior trend of Maximalism is: The bigger, the merrier. Maximize your Christmas decoration and go big in scale. Choose oversized Christmas items like stars, decorative trees, wreaths or other festive objects.

noble christmas decoration
minimalistic christmas decor
christmas tree

#8 Moody blue your Christmas

Blue has been a big trend in 2020 including Pantone’s color of the year Classic Blue. This trend is now translated into Christmas decoration: From peacock blue over intense midnight blue to dark grey blues: In combination with warm golden accents the dramatic look feels super elegant and timeless. Together with grey or white a modern, urban look is creates that feels clean and classy at the same time.

blue and white christmas decor
dining table decoration
minimalistic christmas decor

#9 Natural Christmas decoration

Don’t we all want to live a little closer to nature? Especially in winter it’s sometimes difficult to spend time outdoors. To bring nature inside Christmas is the perfect occasion! Why not add branches and leaves as a natural centerpiece for your dining table? Green wreaths and garlands are also an excellent choice for your walls.

Tip: You can also use dried flowers and leaves to add some natural vibes to your rooms. Eucalyptus, for instance, is perfect because even when it dries, it looks beautiful in a minimalist and modern way.

christmas decoration
christmas tree
fir branches

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