May 25, 2020

5 simple spring decoration ideas to bring spring into your home

Welcome Spring! From the runaways to biggest trends in interior design industry, we are bringing you some great tips for decorating your home this spring.

It's winter season's closing time. Despite sitting and enjoying a cosy and warm home during winter months, spring is something we are all looking forward to. Blossoming trees and beautiful scents all around make us feel brand new & fresh.

Spring is a season that symbolizes new beginnings. Nature birth and renewal, fragrant blossoms; embracing new things and letting go old habits or laziness. Spring is also ideal period for getting things done in the house, which includes: removing clutter, putting away winter clothes and letting fresh air in all the time. As a brand new season, this spring brings great trends for home interior design, and some cool decoration tips to get a fresh and inspiring space. All these trends are bringing spring right into your home.

New (Trendy) Colours

This season brings in pastel colours. Introduced at New York's fashion week, pastel and bold colours are the next big thing. Colour trends do not only apply to fashion but will be seen in many interiors this year. There is nothing better than implementing a pastel tone or two into your living room or bedroom. Another trend in colouring is the so-called "ombre" technique, or colour shadowing. However, ombre represents a very brave move if you'd wish to paint your walls using this technique. Instead of walls, this trend can be used in your bedroom by refreshing it with ombre painted sheets or pillows.

Blue tones living room

Home Decoration Details

Interior decoration is always a good idea, since you don't need to invest a lot and your home will look new and fresh again. Spring brings joy, so these new decoration elements would refresh your interior. Starting from small details such as pillows with patterns and coloured cushions, all the way to changing or rearranging artwork is always fun. This year's trend is geometrics on pillows and rugs, so you can combine two or three colours for cushions and use it with monochrome geometric pattern on your rug.

yellow sofa and many pictures on the wall

Prints that Recall Spring

Prints are always trendy, especially for seasons like spring. They can be used on wallpapers, framed on walls, used as decorative details or served as tableware. There are different patterns, but those that recall spring are the best choice. Botanical prints are a great choice if you like to bring spring right into your home. Moreover, home office with a view of nature is an excellent choice. Green is always more than welcome.

Botanical prints on the wall

Glossy Frames

Another trend coming up is to use glossy and golden tones, especially on metals. If you don't want to make radical changes, but still want a shiny detail somewhere, then you can choose to add a golden metal picture frame next to your bookshelf or change mirror frame at the entrance. Golden tones can be adjusted to almost every interior, since the colour itself will refresh interior by making it more attractive.

Metal picture frame

New Houseplant

Since spring symbolizes new life and new beginnings, it's about time to think about new houseplant. Sometimes, instead of buying one, you can just adopt a plant in case somebody has too many or cannot take care of them. This spring is ideal for bringing in Swiss cheese plant to your interior. It looks tropical, very green and fresh. Also, it fits into every interior style and looks attractive & stylish. Learn more about winter decoration, summer decoration and autumn decoration.

indoor plants

Do you have any thought or ideas for changing your interior design this spring? We are happy to help you choosing the right trends for your home & interior decoration. Contact our team to UPSCALE your idea and bring real spring into your interior.

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