October 6, 2021

Decorate your bed cozy - 9 tips & tricks

The bed is a wonderful stage and is ideal to be designed effectively. With the right accessories, any bed can be transformed into an absolute focal point in the room and transforms the bedroom into a feel-good oasis that invites you to rest and relax. All you need to do is follow a few tips and tricks when decorating the bed, and you'll find yourself feeling more at home and more cozy in your bedroom.

#1 Cozy Bed decoration in neutral, cool colors

In principle, it is recommended to use discreet, neutral colors such as white, beige and gray or cool colors in the bedroom. In this regard, all shades of blue and green are quite suitable for walls, floors and textiles such as curtains, bedding and pillows. Shades of blue and green have an extremely calming effect and also have another advantage that pays off especially in the bedroom: petrol, midnight blue and forest green have been proven to lower the optical room temperature. Thus, a bedroom where cool colors predominate feels cooler than the actual room temperature. 

If you are not completely convinced and are rather cautious about intense shades of green and blue, you can choose tones with a certain amount of gray for bedding, pillows and decorations in the bedroom. In this way, blue or green appear somewhat softer and more restrained. The more gray is included, the more neutral will be the overall effect of the room.

If the predominant color is fixed, the decoration and textiles in the bed are ideally based on it. Bedding, bedspreads and pillows in shades of the same color family as the walls, floors and bed create a balanced look that is the perfect foundation for a relaxed ambiance.You can furnish not only your bed but also the whole room cosily.

cozy bed
Three Birds Renovations
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Heatherly Design
cozy bedroom

#2 Beautiful bedding as a decoration for the bed

A beautiful bedding can transform the bedroom in an instant. You can decide light, cool or warm, fluffy bedding to match the season. Silk, linen and seersucker bedding are ideal for the summer months, while cozy beaver or flannel bedding is the ideal choice for the cold winter months. 

In terms of color, there are no limits. At the same time, you can beautifully dress up your bed with matching bedding according to the current season. For spring and summer, choose light, friendly colors such as white, beige or all pastel colors from sage to light blue to delicate yellow. For fall, natural, earthy tones such as ocher, brown, terracotta and slate are excellent, while in winter you can go for bold shades such as soft green and wine red. 

By the way, if you tend to freeze quickly, it's best to choose bedding in warmer colors. For example, bedding in shades of red, pink, orange or yellow alone will make your bedroom feel a degree or two warmer right away.

cozy bed
Oh Eight Oh nine
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Hale Mercantile Co

#3 Bed decor: layered look with plaids & bedspreads.

For maximum coziness, pair your bedspreads with bedspreads and throws. In this way, you will create a layering look typical of the Scandinavian hygge style, the essence of which is a natural coziness.

Be sure to pick plaids and bedspreads made of textured textiles - they will increase the feel-good ambiance even more. Wool blankets, knitted throws and quilted bedspreads give the bed a varied look and are also extremely pleasant to the touch. 

Stick to the two to three dominant bedroom colors, which are mainly dictated by the color of the walls, floor and bed. 

By the way, you can quietly fold back the upper third of the bedspread - if even that is still too warm for you, you can fold the blanket in two-thirds so that only the feet are warmed. On cooler nights, all you have to do is roll up the blanket, and you can enjoy cozy warmth.

bright and cozy bedroom
Life on Virginia Street
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The Stables

#4 Decorate bed cozy with pillows

Decorative pillows in different sizes and shapes are great for decorating the bed in a cozy way and adding colorful accents. 

How many pillows you use depends on the height of the headboard. The lower it is, the smaller the pillows should be. 

In total, one third of the bed headboard should be left free, whereby the pillows are welcome to extend across the entire width. A symmetrical arrangement is recommended, which is more harmonious to the human eye. 

For a well-balanced look, lean the large pillows against the bed headboard and arrange the decorative pillows in front of them in descending size so that the smallest pillows are positioned at the very front. This creates a visual depth that is pleasing to the eye - plus, the layered pillow look contributes to increased coziness.

Pick up the colors of walls, curtains, carpets and bed linen with your decorative pillows for the bed to create a calm atmosphere. Limit yourself to a maximum of three dominant colors - pillows in complementary colors look particularly balanced in combination. 

If you want to decorate your bed with pillows of different sizes, but are undecided about which pillows should have which colors, it is best to follow the 60-30-10 rule, according to which the largest pillows are kept in neutral shades, while the smallest set colorful accents in intense tones.

In terms of patterns and materials, the same applies as for the pillow sizes and shapes: Mix and match wildly. You can combine striped pillows with models with floral motifs or sayings. The main thing is that there is a unifying element such as color or material that visually ties the different pillows together. 

If all your pillows on the bed move in the same color family, you can easily combine covers made of different materials. Thus, fluffy fur pillows, soft knitted pillows, plain felt pillows, discreet linen and noble velvet pillows can definitely harmonize with each other. Furthermore, you can set accents with cushion designs that are rather rare - such as covers in high-quality leather or with glittering sequins. 

She Gave it a Go Steph Jolly

cozy pillows for bed
She Gave it a Go
bed pillows
Steph Jolly
bed decor pillows

#5 Patterned textiles as cozy bed decor. 

Complementing patterned pillows, bedding, blankets and bedspreads can be used wonderfully to add some life to a plain or monochromatic look. Feel free to combine graphic patterns like stripes, triangles or dots with flora and fauna motifs or abstract prints. 

If everything moves in the same color family or is kept in the two to three dominant colors, there is a red thread that acts as a frame and holds everything together. 

Large-scale patterns such as extra-wide stripes particularly attract the eye and dominate a look. Therefore, a plain, wide striped bedspread is a wonderful trick to add dynamic flair to your bedroom in an instant.

You want to be more careful? Then choose bedding, pillows and blankets with small, repetitive patterns that look like monochromatic, textured textiles from a distance.

oldschool bed decor
Heatherly Designs
cozy oldschool bed
Garnet Hill
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Vanessa Arbuthnott
cozy bed decor

#6 Add more coziness to your bed with textures.

Pillows, plaids and bedding made of textured materials are particularly suitable for monochromatic bedrooms, which tend to have a more limited color palette. For example, a bed with pillows made of velvet or corduroy and blankets made of coarse knit or faux fur immediately looks much cozier and visually more varied. Playful details like tassels and piping on decorative pillows have a similar effect and turn the bed into a cozy oasis. 

By the way, you can also create lively accents with wall decor made of wicker or decorative accessories made of textured materials on the nightstand. For example, you can decorate the area around the bed with rattan baskets or a wall hanging made of fabric. The more variety, the better, and the greater the effect on the coziness.

cozy boho styled bed
As Told by Michelle
As Told by Michelle
cozy blankets

#7 A decorative bed headboard

Most beds already come with a headboard, but that doesn't mean you can't change or replace it. With a little craftsmanship, you can even create your own bed headboard - either made of wood or tufted from fabric or leather. You can even transform an old screen into a bed headboard, giving your bed a unique touch.

Alternatively, of course, there's always the option of buying a decorative headboard that blends well with your bed frame.

cozy tropic bed
Hotel Doisy
bedroom insperation
Maine House Interiors
cozy bedroom interior design
Heatherly Designs
colorfull bedroom design

#8 Decorating idea: pictures above the bed.

The bed is the focal point in the room, making it the eye-catcher. If the wall above it remains empty, the whole ensemble somehow looks unfinished. Wall pictures are an excellent way to breathe a little life into empty walls and give the bedroom more personality. 

Choose calm motifs in soft colors, which will be reflected in textiles and the rest of the interior. Especially suitable are calming motifs from flora and fauna, such as a mystical forest or a summer meadow in the morning. These create a balanced and calm spatial effect, and thus the perfect basis for healthy sleep.

amazing cozy bedroom design
Tim Labenda
cozy bedroom
Heatherly Design
modern bedroom

#9 Decorative lights for the bed

You can create an atmospheric ambience by placing small light accents on the bedroom walls. Currently, trendy neon lights and neon letters set decorative accents and create a cozy atmosphere. In addition, you can pick illuminated letters or a light box as a nightstand decoration, which will also act as a nightlight. 

In addition, you can decorate the bed frame or the wall above the bed with fairy lights. This creates a wonderfully romantic, coherent ambience that you just have to feel comfortable in. 

If you are more the minimalist type, you can also simply choose plain but decorative bedside lamps that will create contrasting accents due to an extravagant shape or color or high-quality materials.

cozy retro bedroom
Alex Sharon 2000
spacious bedroom
Melanie Reiders

cozy light for bedroom

#10 How can I use seasonal elements to make my bed beautiful?

Seasonal bed design: colour matching

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your bed with seasonal elements is to adjust the colour palette depending on the time of year. In spring and summer, go for bright, fresh colours like pastel blue, soft yellow or fresh green. These colours give your bedroom an airy atmosphere and reflect the joy of the warm months.

In autumn, you can decorate your bed with warm, earthy tones such as ochre, terracotta and dark red. These colours are reminiscent of falling leaves and create a cosy mood.

For winter, strong, festive colours like fir green, burgundy and dark blue are perfect. Combine them with plush blankets and cosy materials to give your bed a cosy look.

Natural elements

Bring the beauty of nature into your bedroom by using seasonal natural elements. In spring, you can place vases of fresh flowers on your bedside tables. In autumn, decorate your bed with pine cones, chestnuts or autumnal branches. In winter, candles and fir branches create a festive mood.

Light and candles

Use seasonal lighting to change the atmosphere in your bedroom. In summer, you can create an airy mood with brighter lights. In winter, rely on warm candlelight to create cosiness.

For more inspiration on seasonal interior design, take a look at our articles on: Winter Home Decor, Spring Home Decor, Autumn Home Decor, Summer Home Decor.

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