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July 11, 2024

3D Interior Design: Virtual Reality for Your Home

Are you planning to design a new home, remodel, or refresh your current one? At Upscale Interiors, we use 3D interior design software to create realistic visualizations of your ideas, ensuring your vision is accurately conveyed. This technology allows you to see your home's design before any work begins, ensuring the final result meets your expectations. We look forward to developing an innovative, personalized concept tailored to your vision, lifestyle, and needs.

What is 3D in Interior Design?

3D rendering or as we call it a 3D visualisation technology creates realistic interior and exterior views of rooms or space as is, viewable from any perspective. In the past, dozens of drawings and plans were needed to clarify a design concept. Today, a professional can show a house's exterior and interior before the first groundbreaking. The designer creates a photo-realistic view of rooms, displaying various realistic situations, such as day and night, while designing the space implementing your style and needs.

3D interior design living room

The modelling itself is based on a mix of design and geometry, defining the exact measurements of the space, based on a detailed floorplan, where objects and effects are applied. Lighting and reflection effects are projected onto objects, creating a sense of reality as you move through the virtual space, just as if you were entering the finished house. Some software allows users to experience a walk-in experience whereas some offer photorealistic images from various views.

The Future-Oriented Upscale Interior Design Team

interior design visualisation

The ability to visualize complex design concepts in the preliminary planning phase is why Upscale interior designers often use these tools. Clients benefit from our modern approach, seeing their project as if it were already implemented. This allows our designers to clarify and modify any misunderstandings or change requests, ensuring the design matches the client's vision.

Our Upscale team ensures you get what you envisioned, whether a private home, home office or for your company office. Our ideas and interior design concepts are understandable, and our in-depth kick-off meetings help us grasp your needs and wishes. We aim to deliver to meet our client’s needs, ensuring satisfaction before execution begins.

 The Benefits of 3D Interior Design

2D and 3D design

As it is with 2D technical drawings, 3D rendering has become indispensable in architectural planning. From small projects to large projects, digital photorealistic image creation visualizes design concepts, making them clear to clients. Architects, used to visualizing a house or an apartment with technical plans alone, find 3D rendering an essential tool that enhances teamwork, project efficiency and final decision making.

interior design for bright living room

This technology improves communication between contractors, interior designers, interior architects and clients, allowing architects to collaborate on projects without requiring the client's physical presence. 3D home design eliminates temporal and spatial boundaries, presenting all design details, down to surfaces and textures, in a realistic manner.

Joint decision-making is easier, errors can be identified before the execution and avoided in the planning phase, and costly modifications during execution are minimized.

Our Strength: Professional Consulting

With every interior design project, we are aware of how important comprehensive, individual interior design consulting is for you as our clients. Therefore, the quality of the consultation and the personal support during the entire planning and execution phase are our top priorities. You have a fixed contact person throughout the interior design phase for communication and, depending on the scope of the project, you are also looked after by our team of architects and interior designers. This gives you the good feeling and security of being in good hands with your wishes from start to finish.

We will always strive to find a design solution tailored to your needs and personal tastes. We achieve this through close customer contact and joint meetings in which we clear up all doubts and fully align our ideas. In this way, we design your home completely according to your wishes.

The Whole World of 3D Interior Design

3 D interior design children room

If you don't have specific ideas for your new home, let us develop a suitable concept based on the existing situation, lifestyle, interior design style and budget. Feel free to also visit our blog about various furnishing styles or check out our portfolio and get inspired. This helps you define your desires and work with us to find the appropriate design concept.

3 D interior design bathroom

Instead of difficult-to-read drawings, we can visualize our design proposal in 3D visualisations. Watch your new home take shape in before making decisions. Anything from walls, furnishings and decor can be redesigned, color and material combinations changed, or wall and floor surfaces altered. 

Top Consulting at a Fixed Price

Your requirements vary as much as furnishing styles. Some clients want a "Fresh Up" of a specific area, while others seek a complete redesign. We offer flexible solutions with our design packages, ensuring you pay only for what you envision.

We provide our clients with 3D visualisations upon request with our design packages or provide them with our individualised offering. This ensures that you pay only as much as you have envisioned.

Some projects, especially renovations, may require longer discussions and further revisions as well as authority negotiations. In such cases, we can provide an individual offer with an estimated number of hours, giving you a clear understanding of potential costs. We value transparency in every respect.

Plan Your Home Modernization with 3D Interior Design

Planning a home or apartment modernization has never been easier or more vivid. Our design team turns your desire for an uncomplicated redesign into reality. If you've hesitated to renovate because you couldn't imagine the final result, we can reassure you. With 3D home design visualisations, you'll have a clear idea from early on, avoiding negative surprises or mismatched expectations.

Technical drawings can be difficult to read, lacking spatial context. In contrast, 3D interior design shows your home as if you were strolling through it, different design concept and furniture layout options can be simulated, providing a unique view of the final result.

We invite you into the world of interior design, take the Upscale Style Quiz, and discover more about your personal style!

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