June 3, 2021

How to incorporate Pantone's 2021 Ultimate Gray & Illuminating colors into your home.

For 2021, Pantone has chosen not one, but two shades as the colors of the year. Ultimate Gray and Illuminate are as different as they are perfect for each other. In these times of Corona, the renowned color institute from America is thus sending us an "encouraging message of strength, hope and positivity." The bright, yet not too gaudy yellow stands for liveliness and hope, while the calming gray embodies security and reliability.

Why does this color combination work so well in interiors? Because Pantone has made a timeless classic into a trend color with Ultimate Gray, which is the perfect basis for positive illuminating. Gray is wonderfully easy to combine with other colors, suits every style and, in combination with yellow, looks young, modern and refreshing. Simply excellent for creating a balanced atmosphere that radiates positivity and optimism!

Pantone Colored living Room
Emily Henderson Design/ Photo: Sara TrampStudio Morton

Plantone Color interior design
Studio Catoir

Tip #1 | Home textiles in Pantone colors 2021

The easiest and quickest way to incorporate Ultimate Gray and Illuminating into your four walls is with textile home accessories like pillows, plaids and bedding. With a new throw on your bed or sofa and new pillowcases in fresh designs, you can give your living room and bedroom a new Pantone look in no time. 

You can also bring the two trendy colors into your home with new curtains in gray or yellow. Curtains or loop scarves made of lightweight fabrics are super quick to replace and ensure that a new sense of space is created in no time. Illuminating is particularly suitable for spring and summer, while Ultimate Gray gives your room a calm setting all year round.

In addition, a new rug is a great way to decorate your home in gray and yellow. Especially in gray, it provides a calm base in the living room, bedroom or dining room for a balanced ambiance. Rugs in friendly yellow create a good mood and are wonderful for the bedroom: so the sun welcomes you directly when you get up and creates a good mood.

yellow and grey decor
Carolyn Purnell | Emily Henderson Design/ Photo: Sara Tramp

Tip #2 | Good mood home office in gray & yellow

By the way, the Pantone colors gray and yellow are also great for the home office. While Ultimate Gray acts as a calming base, Illuminating activates our creativity. With a color combination of subtle and cheerful, we are automatically more motivated and productive.

How to implement Pantone colors in your home office? How about a desk in gray and a yellow desk chair? Alternatively, you can incorporate the trendy colors into your workspace with carpet, curtains, or a colored wall in yellow or gray.

plantone colored offices
Emily Henderson Design/ Photo: Sara Tramp | Studio Catoir

Tip #3 | Small accents in the Pantone colors 2021

Decorative home accessories make it just as easy to incorporate the trend colors into your spaces. Vases, candlesticks, decorative objects and murals in yellow and gray are perfect for giving your home a fresh kick. 

The two Pantone colors can also be used to set wonderful seasonal color accents. While bright yellow comes to the fore in spring and summer, neutral, calming gray should predominate in fall and winter. Accents in yellow then provide the necessary good mood boost during the dark season.

plantone colored decoration
Studio Morton

Tip #4 | Ultimate Gray & Illuminating as wall colors 

Gray as a wall color can be used in any room without any problems. From bedrooms to bathrooms to children's rooms, all shades of gray are extremely calming and create a balanced ambiance.

Yellow, on the other hand, is particularly suitable for active rooms such as the kitchen and living room, as it has a stimulating and activating effect. In addition, yellow is said to have a performance-enhancing effect, so you can also integrate it super as a wall color in your home office.

Plantone colors for the wall
Studio MortonGraham Brown | Graham Brown

Tip #5 | Strong partners for gray & yellow

Once you have made your rooms trendy and integrated the Pantone colors yellow and gray, you can combine them wonderfully with other colors. Ultimate Gray is so wonderfully calm as a base or background that other tones can easily be added.

White and variations of cream act as a strong, neutral partner. Together with gray, they provide a balanced base and the perfect stage for the radiant yellow.

On the other hand, to add a little drama, dark, cool tones are perfect. Dark blue as well as intense fir green make a super contrast to yellow and complement gray in a modern way. Mixing it with wine red and olive also creates a modern color effect that looks classic and fresh at the same time and inspires us. Do you like it a little more luxurious? Then complement your Pantone look with shiny metals in gold and brass. 

By the way: Pantone has developed five color schemes in addition to the colors of 2021, all of which include Ultimate Gray as well as illuminating and are supplemented by other shades that can harmonize perfectly with each other, according to the color experts. Read more about Pantone Colours 2020.

interior design with Plantone's Colors
Emily Henderson Design/ Photo: Sara TrampProem Studio

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