December 22, 2020

Wall Colour Ideas: The Right Colors – Ready for a Change?

Are you tired of always looking at monotone walls? Always the same boring colors, don’t you have enough of this? Here is a quick blog post where you can find some useful hints for painting your walls with the color that SUITS YOU THE BEST!

Aren’t you tired of always looking at monotone walls? Always using the same boring colors? Playing with different colours can create a more interesting atmosphere full of spirit and liveliness and bring some dash of colour into your home.

Our interior designers based in our office in Zurich sat down to write a post where you can find some useful hints for painting your walls with the colours that SUITS YOU THE BEST!

First you need to assess what kind of colors you like. Unlike picking your favourite color as a kid, you need to think of whether you like warmer or colder tones. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

  • Do I have a very minimal style in my apartment?
  • Do I like my home to be more spacious?
  • Do I have a lot of white, black, grey and silver metallic accents?
  • Do I like wood vs metallic based pieces more?
  • Do I have a wodden, carpet or marble floor?
  • What do I like better, loft vs cozy style? (You can find out in our Style Finder!)

If you like a very clean and neutral style with a lot of metallic pieces and stone based floors you are more likely to be called a “cool” person, meaning you like cold undertones in your wall coloring.

There is quite a wide range of colors that match this type of personality or house. Any color, from yellow to green or blue can have cold undertones. For example, in a bedroom, you can incorporate a color called steel blue; Light blue with a cold under touch which is perfect for a good night’s sleep.

If you are a bigger fan of warmer tones, then again no problem you will find your best matches very easily. You can have any base color with a beige golden kind of undertone. For example a living or kitchen space can be painted in a warm grey. But you can play with adding other colours or changing the colour for some spots to accent the highlights of the apartments architecture. Also the use of accessories such as for example wood or metallic pieces in a Scandinavian Glam touch, are a perfect match to warmer colours.

Just take a look at different kinds of colour palettes and options and try to jump over one’s own shadow. We know it is a big step to repainting your home but it really gives an certain edge to a space and  more of an “at home” feeling when you customize your walls. After all, if you don’t like it, just paint them back.

If you have any questions regarding this article or need some interior advice, feel free to contact us by email or to give us a call.
You can also participate in our Style Finder to find out what your personal interior design style is.

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