May 25, 2020

UPSCALE PROJECTS: Birdhaus, Workspace and Social Club (Zürich, CH)

Birdhaus is a membership-based women’s club and co-working space located at the historic Hürlimann Areal. In this locality, women from all backgrounds and industries have the possibility to chat, have meetings or realize current projects. Interior design & web concept was designed by UPSCALE.

Clubs are not only for gentlemen to discuss business & stuff… they are also very nice and cozy places for women, full of creative potentials and laughter. One of these places is Birdhaus, a social club and workspace for women.

Coworking spaces are becoming more and more popular, since there are a lot of people from different creative industries that work remotely. According to Statista (one of the leading statistics portal), there were 15,500 coworking spaces globally in 2017. In 2018, the prediction is that this number would reach 20,000 spaces hosting more than 1 million people worldwide. Birdhaus, as one of the coworking spaces, includes work, fun and education. It’s a modern hub for women, designed in a way that comforts and gives freedom (“free like a bird”) of expression and sharing ideas. On the other hand, it represents home for all women, either expats that moved to Zürich or women entrepreneurs.

That’s why interior space design was an important moment for this project. Birdhaus was designed by UPSCALE INTERIORS, with a single goal to create a space with creative inspiration that is feminine, modern and timeless. The space itself is fully functional, since it consists of 2 open space levels. Dominant colour is pink / rose, which reflects cozy and inspiring atmosphere. The entire place consists of two workrooms - one is on the ground floor and has two big tables. These tables were custom-designed by Studio Sundaze, and they are inspired by surf culture in California - made from the same materials as surfboards.

Another level - mezzanine is more flexible and can be used for various activities. Birdhaus usually organizes yoga classes for its members, or different types of workshops and events. It’s also an open space, full of light and, again, dominant pink / rose tones. Moreover, wallpapers with swans were hand-drawn by Sonja Zagermann. These custom-made details make this interior design even more unique and attractive. It’s not only about having a modern interior design, it’s also about being original and following the idea and purpose of the space.

The challenging part of this project was to combine the brand identity of Birdhaus with the furnishing and atmosphere of the establishment. In addition, the concept needed to fit with their web-design, which was also implemented by Upscale. The short time capacity was another challenge, which could be mastered with excellent coordination and planning. For Upscale it is highly relevant to understand their clients’ needs and pay much attention to their requirements. Thus, the majority of time for this project was invested in understanding the brand to finalize the matching concept for their project.

Birdhaus is a great project, because it bridges professional look with relaxed and “home-like” atmosphere. It’s made for girls, so colours were not such a problem. However, it was a real challenge to design a space that will make this feeling of comfort and coziness unique for all members. But we think that we made the right choice with colours, materials, overall style and custom furniture and accessories.

If you’re seeking for a similar project, please contact UPSCALE’s creative team today!

Photo Credits: Jasmin Frei & @birdhaussocial

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