May 25, 2020

Summer Party - How to Make it Perfect!

How to prepare the perfect Summer Party!

Aren’t we all getting excited about the beautiful weather outside? Surely, some of you have some wonderful outdoor areas connected to your apartment. It is always something that is appreciated to welcome people in those beautiful summer months to a lovely setting. In Zurich, during the summer months, people love lounging outside and meeting friends. The Upscale team wanted to move the interior design outside - to give you some easy suggestions for the perfect summer get-together. Here is a quick guide on how to set-up the perfect summer reception in a very easy way;

1. The Table

You should make sure that you have a table to sit your guests at. Very suited tables are the ones that look aged or are made from wood with some vintage style. This will allow you to play around with the charm of the item by highlighting its details with the decorations. You can either add chairs or even benches for people to sit on. To give it a little something extra, our stylists suggest to add some pillows, summer hats and or blankets to them. It doesn't have to be perfect.

2. Set-up

Play around with accessories! It doesn’t need to have anything fancy for your guests. Have some linen based table cloths or sets ready for the placement of the plates. You can take flowers from the garden and use them as decoration for the table. By adding candles, you will be able to add some charm to your party when it gets darker. First it will only look super cute but later you will also have a romantic setting.

3. The food

Prepare some uncomplicated light food where everyone can help themselves. The best is to prepare salad based dishes and to have them presented on very big serving plates. It is not difficult to do this and you definitely don't have to be a chef for this. It will give a wow effect to your guests as you can be creative and make the food look very unique.

4. The Drinks

We all love fancy drinks in the summer but it doesn’t need to be complicated. What you need is some cooled down prosecco which you can mix with some soda water and some fruits. Add pieces of mint (preferably a lot) in red wine glasses and serve the drinks with enough ice to your guests. We are sure they will be delighted.

5. The Guest

The most important ingredient for a good party nevertheless remains friendly and open minded people who shares ideas and dreams.

The Upscale Team wishes you a lovely Summer! If you have any questions regarding this article, or need some interior design help, feel free to send us an e-mail to Upscale Interiors AG is a Zurich based interior design company that aims to make your home beautiful.

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