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October 1, 2021

Decorate sideboard correctly: With these tips & rules it will succeed

Decor and small home accessories are the icing on the cake of any interior and often give a room the finishing touch. If decoration in the form of wall pictures, vases and decorative objects is missing, bedrooms, living rooms and co. often look unfinished - in any case, the missing elements are clearly noticeable. Because through decorative accessories we decorate a room not only visually, but also give it personality. With an individual decoration we tell a story with which we reveal something of ourselves. In this way, we make our home a piece of ourselves and a place where we feel comfortable, where we can relax and escape from the stressful everyday life.

It is important to follow certain rules when decorating, so that the result is optimal. Even small tricks help to positively influence the overall visual impression of a room or a certain area. 

Especially one area of any apartment can be effectively decorated and thus become the focal point in the room: the sideboard. With a few simple steps you can put your sideboard in the living room, bedroom or dining room in the focus and create a homely, warm ambience. Find out how it's done here.

#1 Decoration & room in color harmony 

When defining suitable decoration for the sideboard, it is recommended to choose the colors of vases, candles and other accessories according to the furnishings in the room. Be guided by the colors of walls and floors and large pieces of furniture such as sofa or bed, as well as curtains and drapes. If your decorative objects are color-coordinated with the rest of the room in this way, a colorful unity will be created. A clear color concept leads to a decoration that harmoniously fits into the overall picture.

It is best to select a maximum of two to three dominant colors for your sideboard decoration, which pick up on the nuances of the carpet, couch or wall color. All other decorative elements should be in the same color family, so that the whole does not look too colorful and restless. 

Example: Your dominant colors are blue and green - then choose decorations in petrol, olive, dark green and all shades of blue to complement them. This gives a variety of colors without making the overall look cluttered.

Luxurios Sideboard
Decorated Sideboard
Nancy Mitchel

#2 Conscious selection of individual decorative objects

When decorating the sideboard, the rule is: less is more. Therefore, for example, do not put up all the decorative objects that you have collected and become fond of on your travels. Instead, go for a clear line. The individual objects should match each other in color, style and shape - always look for a connecting element. This acts as a kind of red thread and keeps the entire decoration on the sideboard visually together and makes it look as a whole.

Decorate the sideboard with vases, objects and lanterns in different sizes. When doing so, designate the largest object as the focal point, which will be the focal point of the arrangement.

Sideboard Decoration
A.S. Helsingo

Nicely Decorated Sideboard
Amber Interiors

#3 Keep the golden ratio in mind when decorating

When decorating the sideboard, you should follow the golden ratio. A decorative arrangement arranged in this way will look much more harmonious than a sideboard decoration in complete symmetry. 

Even the ancient Greeks used the golden ratio in art and architecture, and with it an aesthetic standard that is still valid today. Often we already use the ratio unconsciously when we decorate a surface or paint a picture.

In this context, the golden ratio means that any given distance is divided into two parts in the ratio ⅖ to ⅗, with this division having a particularly pleasant and harmonious effect on our eye. So that means when you put a vase on her sideboard, move it from the center a little to the right or left.

Living Room Sideboard
Amber Interiors
Luxury Retro Sideboard
Essential Desig
Britisch Green Sideboard

#4 Decorate sideboard with pictures

If pictures are placed on the sideboard instead of hung, it creates a modern, casual look and feel. Feel free to combine several pictures of different sizes. Slightly offset, the smaller ones are arranged in front of larger pictures, creating a layering look.

When you choose the pictures for your sideboard decoration, be sure to color-coordinate motifs and picture frames. In addition, pictures as well as frames should harmonize with the wall in the background. Accordingly, the pictures should contrast well with the wall color so that they stand out. So, for a white wall, select picture frames in black or another dark color to create maximum contrasts and draw focus to the picture. 

Boho Style Sideboard Decoration
Granite Lane
Minimalistic Sideboard Decoration
The Aesthetic Eye
Noble Sideboard Decoration

#5 Deco in the form of vases, lanterns & objects.

If you want to decorate your sideboard with vases and lanterns, it is recommended to identify a unifying element. Vases, candlesticks and decorative glass vessels of the same color family, in similar shapes or made of the same materials will look more harmonious than if decorative accessories are combined haphazardly. 

In addition, it is recommended to always arrange odd groups of objects together. Groups of three, five or seven vases, bowls or candles look particularly harmonious.

Tip: If you want to decorate your sideboard with a set of vases in an even number, it is better to divide the set (from 6 to 2x3) and, if necessary, supplement the arrangement with another decorative object from your collection.

Noble Dining Room Sideboard
Braun Adams
Sideboard Decoration
French for Pineapple
Retro Sideboard

#6 Make the sideboard a focal point with mirrors

Wall mirrors are great for making a sideboard a focal point in a room. Especially in combination with minimalist decor, decorative mirrors are great for attracting the eye of the beholder.

Particularly large, round mirrors create a stylish, elegant look. But angular mirrors, which can be placed above an elongated sideboard with pleasure horizontally, also look extremely noble. 

In addition, you can reach for mirrors in asymmetrical or geometric shapes to set extravagant contrasts.

Hang the wall mirror at eye level - in the middle above the sideboard - and make sure that it does not point at the bed, sofa or dining table. The reflections would be too distracting and create an unsettled room effect.

By the way, large mirrors as decoration are especially good for small or dark rooms. They reflect the light and visually enlarge the room, which also appears brighter as a result. It is ideal if the mirror and sideboard are placed directly opposite the window, where the wall mirror can double the maximum light.

Tip: You can also simply place a medium-sized or small mirror leaning against the wall on the sideboard and arrange particularly beautiful decorative objects in front of it, doubling their decorative effect.

Noble Sideboard
Amber Interiors
Noble Retro Sideboard Decoration
The Design files
Luxury Sideboard
Lulu and Goergia

#7 Decorative lamps create mood

A small table lamp on the sideboard not only serves as a decorative accessory, but also creates additional islands of light. In this way, you create a moody and cozy atmosphere, and the sideboard becomes more in focus thanks to the lighting.

Luxury Sideboard Decoration
Braun Adam

Retro Decorated Sideboard
White and Concrete

#8 Plants as decoration

Decorate your sideboard with houseplants or flowers and branches in vases to breathe life into it. 

In addition, you can use the sideboard as a presentation area of a small indoor garden, combining several flower pots of different shapes and sizes. Again, pay attention to the unifying element here, and choose cachepots in the same color family or made of the same materials. 

Small and medium-sized plants work well as living sideboard decor and - like other decorative objects - work best in odd numbers and at different heights. Read more about low maintenance plants.

Noble Retro Sideboard
Dutch bone

Boho Style Sideboard
Jan Skaceli
Boho Style Sideboard

#9 Tips for minimalist decoration

If you are more a friend of minimalist interior, you still do not have to do without deco elements. To a sideboard in black or white, pick decorative accessories in the same colors and combine only one element that stands out in color. This one decorative object stands out visually, sets coherent splashes of color and makes the entire ensemble look much more dynamic in no time.

By the way: as a complement to a clean black/white look, we also recommend decorative pieces in shiny gold or brass. These set warm accents and make the sideboard look less clean.

Minimalistic Sideboard
Modish Living
Minimalist Sideboard Decor
Avenue Lifestyle
Noble Sideboard Decor

#10 Laissez-faire style sideboard decor.

For a casual look, you can simply place a small stack of books on your sideboard. Even a stack of magazines that looks like they've been randomly put down will add decorative accents and make the entire sideboard look like a modern, casual still life. 

By the way: What also looks casual and elegant: a coffee table book. You can use this perfectly as a base and thus frame for smaller decorative objects. At the same time, they create different heights and layers, which provide a varied look. Alternatively, you can choose a tray in decorative design for this purpose. 

Laissez-faire Sideboard
Laissez-faire Sideboard
Cute Sideboard Decor
Rosie Ida
Cute Sideboard Decoration

Once your sideboard decoration is final, make sure you continue to keep things tidy and don't use the surface as a handy storage space for this and that. 

If you always keep a tidy ambience and don't leave anything lying around, a sideboard is a great way to add personality and coziness to your rooms. Small decorative objects can also be replaced in no time, so you can bring a breath of fresh air to your four walls with a matching seasonal decoration.

And finally: Be bold and dare to try out wild color and pattern combinations. You will be surprised how harmonious decoration can look if you follow a few rules.

Conclusion for decorating a sideboard

1. define two to three dominant colors that will be reflected in the decor.

2. go for odd numbers. Groups of three, five or seven decorative objects - arranged according to the golden ratio - look more harmonious and create openness.

3. choose decoration in which the individual elements are connected by a common theme.

4. there should always be a unifying element that holds the individual decorative elements together. This can be the same color scheme, the same material, or similar shapes (for example, geometric versus organic).

5. deco looks particularly beautiful when it harmonizes with the background. This may well mean that the decoration sets color contrasts with wall color or wallpaper.

6. choose decorative elements of different heights and arrange them one after the other in a layering look. The highest parts come to the back, the lowest to the front.

7. use surprising things to great effect. For example, lean a picture or a wall mirror on the sideboard against the wall or decorate it with a stack of magazines draped as if by chance.

8. mirrors above the sideboard are especially good for small and/or dark rooms.

9. Add a living component to your sideboard decor with plants, single flowers or branches.

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