December 22, 2020

Interior Trend Maximal Minimalism

Get inspired by the interior trend that combines two contrasting styles by mixing bold colors and patterns with minimal interior design.

When decorating in Minimalism, this style of decorating (to be honest) can sometimes feel a little sterile and boring, as Minimalism often favours a reduced and neutral colour palette and thus often doesn't offer much dynamism.

Maximalism, on the other hand, can sometimes be a little overwhelming when decorating, making a room feel cluttered with too many things to look at.

The perfect compromise comes with a new interior trend which is maximal minimalism. This style combines the best of each design world meeting the sweet spot between too much and too little.

Maximal minimalism embraces minimalism’s simple shapes with sleek lines in combination with maximalism’s abstract shapes, bold colors and eye-catching patterns. Maximal-minimalist looks very often have a strong visual connection to Mid-Century Modern designs and art and feel loud but never unmanageable.

In maximal minimalism often it’s about statement pieces: a bold centerpiece becomes the highlight of a room and can even be combined with a neutral color scheme for walls and flooring.

Here’s 5 (easy) ways to transform your space into a maximal-minimalist piece of art.

maximal minimalism living room
minimalism indoor garden
retro living room

#1 Go big with maximal minimalism

The trend is very much about making a statement - either with bold centerpiece-furniture, vibrant colors or eye-catching, large scale pieces of art.

So you can either choose a statement sofa or chair (for example in an asymmetric bold shape) or you go with an extrovert rug in a bold color and/or pattern.

Another way to go big with the new trend is to select a grand piece of wall art that catches everyone’s attention. Wall pictures of large scale with vibrant colors and abstract, bold shapes are perfect to create a maximal-minimalist look on your walls.

Alternatively you can create “The bigger the better”-look with loud and dynamic wallpaper or wall murals.

retro living room
minimalistic home decor
minimalistic home decoration

#2 Maximal colored minimalism

You can say goodbye to the neutral color schemes of minimalism and welcome lively shades of all colors that transform any room into a vibrant space full of energy.

In combination with clean-lined furniture the resulting looks will never feel too much but well-balanced and harmonic.

The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to invest in new furniture but can also add decorative accessories to your space. A beautiful vase in a vibrant color or gorgeous throw pillows with bold patterns can have the same effect as a new piece of furniture.

minimalism reading area
noble minimalistic dining room
colored living room

#3 Maximal minimalism with white walls

While maximal minimalism is embracing usage of strong colors that doesn’t mean you have to repaint your walls. Instead you can use white walls as a contrary background for your interior and decoration.

Because the trend is so art-centric you can use your walls as a blank canvas: In front of a white background a vibrantly colored sofa or chair, a bold vase or a statement-piece of art will pop out and become the focal point of the space.

minimalistic living room
minimalism living room
minimalistic luxury apartment

#4 Show off what you have

While minimalism’s mantra is to declutter your space in maximal minimalism it’s indeed allowed to show off your stuff. The important thing to keep in mind is to create dedicated areas where you showcase objects and your favorite finds rather than spreading them across the room.

By grouping them while keeping clear the other areas of the room you create an intentional contrast that makes the room feel more dynamic.

clean living room
wall decoration
noble minimalistic living room

#5 Minimize maximalism

Keep in mind this trend is still minimalism. So don’t overdo decorating with too many objects or don’t create overwhelmingly gallery walls.

Instead, when selecting furniture, art and accessories focus on impact rather than trying to maximize quantity. If you would like to find out more about minimalist interior design, we recommend another article from our range.

luxury apartment
noble sitting area
retro noble living room

To create your own personal living ambience, it is worth exploring different furnishing styles in more detail and discovering your own preferences in the process.

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