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December 22, 2020

Luminaires Made of Glass are Still Trendy

Trends come and go, but glass lighting always remains timeless placed in any setting.Tools and techniques used for glass lighting production makes the fixture sustainable, long-lasting and unique. It is impossible not to fall in love with the atmospheric interiors, where the glass interacts with the light.

Trends come and go, but glass lighting always remains timeless placed in any setting.

Tools and techniques used for glass lighting production makes the fixture sustainable, long-lasting and unique. It is impossible not to fall in love with the atmospheric interiors, where the glass interacts with the light.

See below what are a few of our favorite glass lights are, and read what designers  - who designed the lighting - have to say about them.

Pulpo Stellar pendant

Designer: Sebastian Herkner

glass lamps

“Sending hazy transparencies and rippled waves across your interior universe comes the stellar range of pendant lights. Inspired by the intergalactic, Sebastian Herkner has used repetition in pattern and geometric sensibility to create a collection bordering on the unidentified. Like seeing the night skies brightest through a telescope, Stellar’s soft glow requires closer inspection to see its detailed surface. Appearing like deep ravines on the moons surface, its handblown glass form reveals a semi-sphere full of curved ridges. Frosted acetate is added to its smooth opposite, creating a warming glow”.

Porta Romana 2 Chandelier pendant light

Designer: Porta Romana Studio

interior lighting

“A desire to combine the mediums of glass and metal was the basis of the Orbit Ceiling Light. First came the beautiful milky glass domes which would be placed at the end of every branch. These spheres of luminosity appear like pearls on an exquisite framework of matte gold or silver. This piece has arms capped with glass interspersed with golden rods topped with a precious nugget. “

Sklo Dew pendant light

Designer: Sklo Studio

glass lamps

“The dew pendant is an intense expression of the molten nature of handblown glass. For a diffuser, the dew pendant features a solid sculpted glass shape composed of layers of glass applied while hot, giving it a “dripping” appearance. The glass is permanently attached to the solid brass armature, which is hidden behind a brass cylinder. The light bulb is changed by simply lifting the brass cylinder upwards to access the socket. Note that the fixture also “uplights” slightly through the open top of the cylinder. The glass diffuser element is available in either clear glass or sandblasted glass, for two very different effects.”

Estiluz Luck pendant light

Designer: Ximo Roca Diseño

interior glass lighting

“Luck features a bell-shaped metal structure in the center that holds an original crystal ball.
The bulb inside is completely visible, allowing white light to flow from all sides, giving the effect of an unfinished luminaire thanks to the original crosscut in the base, similar to an upside down fish bowl. The transparent glass globe allows light to flow softly, dispersing to create warmth and comfort wherever it lands.
The lamp is a clear demonstration that two elements are enough to create a product with great aesthetic quality, capable of satisfying specific lighting needs.“

Pulpo Oda pendant light

Designer: Sebastian Herkner

decor lamps

“Directly inspired by the industrial monuments photographed by the famous Dusseldorf Becher School, Sebastian Herkner bundles up their outer shape and inner function of a steel casting foundry for Oda. As a result, the glowing homage to light is a source for cosiness and has since then become a reference to contemporary lighting design.“

Illy Table light

Designer: House Doctor Studio

retro glass lamps

“Add a finishing touch to your lamp at home with this lovely lamp screen from House Doctor. The lamp screen, Illy, comes in a nice grey colour which adds a stylish touch to your home. Since it has an elegant colour, you can easily combine the lamp screen with your existing interior at home. Use the lamp screen for the lamp on your closet in the bedroom, the shelf in the living room or the dresser in the hallway. The lovely lamp screen will look beautiful no matter how you have decorated your home. “

Tooy Legier pendant light

Designer: Tooy Studio

interior lighting

“Collection of lamps inspired by the classical shapes of Murano diffusor usually used as decoration anywhere in a house; elegant spherical cruet apparently fragile yet very robust and functional. These lamps can have the connection in galvanic copper, brushed brass or painted, while the diffusor is made by blown glass opal white glass or fumè with harmonious and decorative shapes.

Versatile, elegant and robust, these lamps can be positioned on the floor, on the table, ceiling, wall and hanging, both in one-unit version or in the chandelier one with four or six elements. These lamps give class and sophistication to any location, whether it be sober or lavish.“

Zelda Table light

Designer: Porta Romana Studio

table lighting

“Following on from the success of the Blob and Thread lamps from earlier collections, the Zelda lamp is a comparable tour de force of virtuoso glass blowing. Bulbous, irregular, unexpected and hugely fun, the Zelda has a retro feel and a scale that allows it to be a real statement in any scheme. Made by our ever-talented glass Artisans, molten spheres are attached to a blown body, creating a one-of-a-kind piece every time. The artistry of this is even more incredible when considering the temperature control required to make this process possible. “

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