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July 19, 2023

Interior Design Pop up Event in Zurich

The Upscale Team organized a captivating interior pop-up event in Zurich Seefeld, bringing together architects, designers, and design enthusiasts for engaging conversations, complimentary interior design consultations, and an exquisite selection of unique furniture and decor pieces. The event left attendees in awe, inspired, and looking forward to more exciting experiences in the future.

Picture this: a hidden courtyard in the heart of Zurich Seefeld, magically transformed into a captivating interior design wonderland. The Upscale Team, masters of style and elegance, organized an unforgettable pop-up event that whisked attendees away into a realm of creativity, inspiration, and pure delight. From engaging conversations with fascinating individuals to complimentary interior design consultations, this gathering celebrated all things extraordinary. With tantalizing drinks, mouthwatering ice cream (which sadly melted due to high heat waves that day), and an exquisite array of unique and cool furniture and decor pieces, the event catered to every design aficionado's diverse tastes and desires. Join us as we relive the enchantment of this unforgettable occasion, and stay tuned for more exciting events in the future!

Welcoming Inspiring Individuals:

As the sun bathed the courtyard in a warm embrace, the Upscale Team eagerly threw open their doors to a diverse and vibrant crowd. Architects, designers, homeowners as well as current and past clients and those who simply just passed by the event by the world of design converged in this haven of inspiration. The air buzzed with creative energy as conversations sparked, dreams were shared, and new connections blossomed. This was no ordinary event – it was a melting pot of brilliance and innovation, where the magic of collaboration was palpable. 

Complimentary Interior Design Consultations:

In the excitement, the Upscale Interior Design Team extended a generous hand to attendees, offering complimentary interior design consultations. Expert designers, well-versed in the language of aesthetics, lent their keen eyes and attentive ears to those seeking guidance. From tips on colour palettes to furniture layout and space-saving solutions, the design challenge was just a little small. These personalized consultations became transformative moments, leaving participants with a renewed sense of confidence and a spring in their step. With minds brimming with fresh ideas, they embarked on their design journeys with newfound inspiration.

Indulging in Refreshments:

Amidst the delightful hum of conversation and the scent of possibility, the Upscale Team offered a sweet symphony of ice cream and soft drinks, for all attendees to indulge in moments of pure bliss and refreshment. These delectable treats as well as our Upscale Merch (cool totebag) became the cherry on top, perfectly complementing the enchanting ambience and nurturing the sense of community that permeated the event.

Exploring Unique Furniture and Decor Pieces:

As guests revealed the delightful atmosphere, their eyes were drawn to the unique furniture and decor pieces. The Upscale Team's curation was a feast for the eyes, with every corner telling a story and embodying timeless elegance either by the purpose of the area or by style. From sleek and modern to vintage and eclectic, the collection catered to a tapestry of design preferences. Attendees could find inspiration, where every corner revealed a new possibility, and attendees could become new owners of their favourite pieces.

Creating Lasting Memories:

As the sun set and the evening emerged, the Upscale Team's pop-up event etched itself into the hearts and minds of all who attended. A collective sense of effort and hard work behind the organization and the realisation goes to the whole team.

Looking Ahead:

As the feedback was very positive and the participation was higher than anticipated the opportunity to make this happen again, we promise to come up with a similar pop-up event in the future to bring forth a new wave of creativity, innovation, and community. Stay tuned for more events in the months to come, as our Upscale Team continues to shape extraordinary experiences that redefine the boundaries of interior design for homes (but also offices).

The Upscale’s Pop-up Decor event in Zurich Seefeld was a mesmerising experience that ignited the imagination and left attendees in awe. The event encapsulated the essence of style, community, and boundless creativity with complimentary interior design consultations, an irresistible selection of refreshments, and a treasure trove of unique furniture and decor pieces. The memories created within this enchanting courtyard will forever serve as a testament to the Upscale Team's commitment to a passion for design. 

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