The desire of a home that protects, inspires and relaxes us springs from our deep longing for certainty and safety. Safety protects and warms the soul. The increasing cold in our society makes more and more people suffer. This makes it all the more important to adapt one's own four walls to individual needs with clever furnishing concepts and ideas. Our sensory organs constantly interact with our surroundings, our body perceptions and the information absorbed by our organs. They absorb forms, colors, textures, light, darkness and tell an individual story to each one of us.

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One's own space can be seen as an identity extension.  The human identity is a unique personality structure. This self-identification is strongly connected to environmental identification, which receives a voice, among other things, through the design of one's own four walls. In other words: In order to increase well-being, the design of your home must go beyond the optimization of individual parameters to approaches that consider health-promoting human behavior. When creating a concept for your home, it is more important to consider a wide range of health aspects than to focus exclusively on narrowly defined criteria such as trends, prices, etc.

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Architects design structures as a whole. They are not able to participate in the complicated process of creating a home that caters to each individual client's needs. Therefore, the importance of interior designers at your side cannot be emphasized enough.

Surely you have heard of a measuring method called the Golden Ratio. This ratio is recognized by human consciousness and perceived as a perfect ratio, the most beautiful. The golden ratio can therefore be regarded as the desired goal in the design of a home.

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Let us concentrate on one key discipline of interior design, namely texture. As with a perfect outfit, achieving the Golden Ratio in your four walls requires that all components be present. It is texture that brings a space together and gives it ambience and identity.  What is texture? Texture is defined as "the sensations caused by the outer surface of objects received by the sense of touch". Without texture, a room feels flat, cold and incomplete, leading to a feeling of discomfort in people. A home should be more than a practical application, your home should be a feeling, a stimulation, a state of mind.  

When choosing a home, ask yourself the following questions to get one step closer to your perfect ratio: How do I feel in this room? Is there enough fresh air and circulation? Is it possible to create restful corners away from focus areas? What influence do the chosen colors of the room have on me? What is missing and how do I fill this void? The design of rooms that contribute to your health is a complex task that requires skills and expertise, and this is exactly where we as experts come in to help you achieve perfection.

Whether fragrant or unscented, candles turn interiors into a flickering escape from the cold outdoors. Thick, cuddly, knitted checks and cushions give a cloud-like soft texture that, as mentioned earlier, adds another dimension to your home. Enjoy your space. Take the time to create the moody desire and enjoy it. Create your sanctuary where you will sink into a state of absolute peace and relaxation. Escape everyday life and experience true tranquility.  

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We believe that the key to success is the combination of beauty and tailor-made, need-oriented planning and design by placing people at the center of our designs.