Due to current circumstances, majority of us work from home these days. As never before, we now have been appreciating the good home office set up that helps us to stay healthy and focused.

One of the most important aspects of such set up -  is the right lighting conditions. Did you know that with a sufficient and correct lighting we can increase our concentration and won’t get tired so easily?

Read below some trade tips on important elements when choosing the best ergonomic AND beautiful lighting for your home office.

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3 components of the right home office-lighting

Natural daylight, indirect lighting and a flexible desk lamp are the 3 crucial factors for right lighting in your home office.

In order to get the most out of the daylight coming into your room, place your desk as close as possible to the window. The light should come from sideways and the bigger the window, the better for your concentration: Daylight is crucial for our bodies, because it activates the biorhythm and our activity.

A pendant or ceiling lamp is the perfect addition to natural daylight. It creates a uniform basic lighting while a desk lamp serves for focus lighting.

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Indirect Lighting for basic Brightness

In addition to sunlight coming from outside, ceiling or pendant lamps create a basic brightness in your home office which is especially important during darker seasons. You can also choose wall lamps for indirect lighting. While enlightening your walls they also make the room feel bigger which is a smart trick for small spaces.

Dependent on the room’s size you can combine various light sources - for example by adding floor lamps and table lamps on sideboards and shelves.

Indirect lighting is kind of an imitation of natural daylight. As this one is especially rare in autumn and winter, you want to optimize your indirect lighting in your home office. Therefore it’s important to uniformly distribute the different lamps in order to create the same lighting conditions in your space.

A propos imitation: Daylight lamps are especially made for imitating natural light. These lamps create light that some might feel is too cold. And it’s true: Daylight lamps’ light is indeed colder than real daylight. Which proves that nature is perfect and can’t be copied easily.

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Focus Lighting with Desk Lamps

Ideally your desk lamp is as flexible as possible so you can adjust it to your individual needs and different tasks.

Place your desk lamp sideways from your working area and make sure that your screen isn’t blinded by its light.

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What’s the right brightness for your working area?

A lamp’s intensity is measured in Lumen, which is the unit for luminous flux. In order to decide for the right brightness 2 factors have to be taken into consideration: your kind of work and the room’s size. Therefore brightness-recommendations are made in Lumen pro qm. You will find this information on the light source’s packaging.