June 3, 2021

Comfortable office furnishing at home: the best furnishing tips

With at least eight hours a day to work, it should be obvious how important office furnishings are to both well-being and productivity. However, if you look at many offices or home offices, it quickly becomes clear that many don't realize this or are even aware of it. Whether it's an open-plan office with one-size-fits-all furniture, individual offices or your home office, a few simple tips can help you get the most out of your offices. Not only is this a visual upgrade, but it's also proven to increase your productivity in the office. Curious about how to do this so easily? Then read on for interior design tips for more productivity in the office.

1. Ergonomics for more productivity

It has long been known that incorrect posture quickly leads to tension in the back and neck and also affects health in the long run. Sitting for long periods of time in an uncomfortable position not only puts a strain on the spine, but also has an impact on well-being and productivity at work. Several studies prove this and even more: good posture and ergonomics have been shown to also lead to a remarkable increase in productivity. A good, ergonomic office chair is of course the best solution for this. This is because it can be individually adjusted and allows you to change your sitting position often. Armrests also make it easier to work in the long run and make sitting in the chair much more comfortable. From a design perspective, there are almost no limits to what you can do, as looks have also become increasingly important in ergonomic chairs.

Do you currently lack the necessary budget for a new ergonomic chair? No problem! 1-2 comfortable cushions in the back can not only increase the feel-good factor, but also make a visual impact. Also, pay attention to your sitting posture: angle your legs to 90 degrees and make sure both soles of your feet rest on the floor. Your head should be 50-70 cm away from the screen. If you work with a laptop/notebook, laptop stands are THE solution for better posture while working. Again, there are countless design options that will visually fit into any office.

Ergonomic office interior design
Kasia Rutkowiak / My Full House

2. Green plants in the office act as a motivator

Countless studies have proven that contact with nature reduces stress, increases happiness and can even boost productivity in the office. Whether you're enjoying a view filled with trees and nature from your desk or you're in an office surrounded by plants, the effect is the same. In fact, even the smallest interactions with plants can lift your mood, which in turn can boost your productivity. According to a British study by Cardiff University, productivity in the office or home office is said to have increased by as much as 15% just by placing plants around. Plants also have a positive impact on the indoor environment by filtering toxins from the air and providing fresh oxygen. Of course, all plants have a positive effect, but the following are known to be particularly low-maintenance and air-purifying: ivy, monocots, birch fig, dragon leaf and the Kentia palm. Find more low-maintenance office plants.

office with plants
Muse Lab | Bree McCool

3. Order and clarity lead to greater productivity

According to a study by the Fraunhofer Institute, about ten percent of work time is lost searching for documents or other work materials. This doesn't mean that a desk has to be perfectly tidy for you to be productive. Rather, it's about being able to get an overview quickly. A large desk can already help here, as it provides enough surface area to organize a certain amount of documents. At the same time, it is much easier to keep it clean and uncluttered. If a large desk is not an option, you can also take a storage system in the form of boxes or extra drawers to help. These can not only beautify your workspace visually, but also help you be more productive. Learn more about how to integrate your office into other rooms.

When it comes to the clarity of entire rooms, portable privacy screens can be a good solution in large offices. These can help distance you from the chaotic environment when needed, allowing you to find new motivation and productivity. 

clean and structured office
CrudeKasia Rutkowiak / My Full House

4. The right light boosts your mood and makes you more productive at work

It is no secret that good lighting is indispensable when working. But why is that? Daylight has an effect on the sleep-wake phases. If these phases are disturbed, performance suffers. If it's too dark, concentration drops, mistakes happen more often and work takes longer. The right light therefore not only makes you more alert and protects your eyes, but also creates a pleasant feel-good atmosphere and makes you more productive. In addition, good lighting conditions promote vitality and the ability to concentrate, and thus also productivity at work. However, especially in offices, it is not always easy or possible to provide every employee with a source of daylight. This is where lamps and especially daylight lamps can help. The latter can even prevent depression in winter. In summer, it counteracts fatigue, making it easier for you to concentrate. Models for this as well as for office lamps are a dime a dozen: from tablet-like daylight lamps placed next to your screen to large, warm floor or table lamps. The furnishing and decorating possibilities are virtually endless. 

By the way, we have more tips for the right light.

right lighting for your office
DB Studio

5. Individual decoration for more productivity in the office 

Personal items add a sense of permanence and belonging to any space. They create an emotional bond that can make people feel positive. This, in turn, leads to an increased sense of well-being as well as more productivity. This is also proven by several scientific studies. Those who are allowed to furnish their workplace individually, at least in part, work up to 30 percent more productively than their colleagues who work in modern, but standardized offices. Everything is possible here: from vacation memories and pictures of loved ones to personal favorite decorative items, your own coffee cup or pictures on the wall. With just a few simple steps, you can distribute a personalized nuance to any office and become more productive.

office with personal touch
Proem Studio

So it doesn't always have to be big changes to make a big impact. However, with these tips, you can easily create a work environment in which you and your employees not only feel more comfortable, but also work much more productively. Whether it's an open-plan office, a desk or your home office, you can realize more productivity quite easily by following a few practical interior design tips.

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