Can you help to order furniture for us?

Yes, of course. This is one of the most unique parts of our service. We not only help you create a beautiful design concept, but also make sure your exciting design concept is brought to life.

Is it required to purchase through Upscale?

It is not required to purchase anything through Upscale, but we do encourage you to do so! If ordered through us, you would get a better deal, then when ordering simply by yourself.

We also have dedicated team members on staff to oversee the ordering process across all sellers, allowing you to sit back and relax while we take care of things behind the scenes.

Finally, by working with and ordering through Upscale, you are granted access to a wider variety of sellers — many of which are available to trade only; our quality control and smooth process. Items from these Designer Exclusive sellers are not accessible to the general public, so we serve as a liaison to ensure your space is not only beautiful, but unique, too!

Why should I use your furniture ordering service?

We know the pain of having to enter your personal, card and delivery details across multiple websites, so we’ve decided to offer convenient and efficient furniture ordering services. It has never been easier to purchase furniture from as many suppliers as you like.

Trying to coordinate furniture deliveries can be difficult - months of waiting, items going out of stock without you knowing, it’s just not fun. Your dedicated project manager is here to step in and manage all your orders and solve any problem you may encounter in the process, from finding alternative items to arranging delivery to suit your timeline.

And speaking of delivery, we consolidate all your items into one batch so they arrive together and get taken to the right room by the delivery team. No more waiting at home for 15 separate deliveries with 12-hour delivery windows!

Does my delivery have to be in one go?

To reduce delivery fees on your order, we generally recommend you to choose all items to be delivered in one or a few goes. However, if you do need some items sooner, we will be happy to estimate a quote for the cost of multiple deliveries.

How does the Upscale order process work?

When it comes to ordering furniture, Upscale acts as a third-party ordering company. That is to say, we aggregate product, shipping, billing, and logistics on your end for the hundreds of different sellers partnered with Upscale. Our goal is to streamline your experience and alleviate the hassle of entering this information into dozens of different sites.

What are delivery times and fees?

After placing your order, your project manager will be in touch to confirm an estimated delivery date.

Your items will be delivered to your home through our partner delivery company and will be quoted depending on the total size of your order and time spent to deliver and unpack the items.

Please remember that it's your responsibility to check that the items will fit through doors and staircases in their packaging before you place your order.

Can I try out furniture before buying?

We can organize a visit to our trusted partners` showrooms at your convenient time. Please reach out to and we will come back with the suggested locations, dates and times.

Do you offer samples?

Hesitant to purchase that sofa or rug without seeing the fabric first? We get it. That's why we work to make samples available to you from participating sellers. Simply ask your designer if interested, and we will coordinate the transaction and delivery. It's a great way to see and try out important pieces in your design before ordering!