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Features and Services

What is the difference between online and traditional design services?

At Upscale, we believe that everyone deserves a beautiful home. Hence, we offer a few different options for you to choose from - depending on your location, budget and general preferences. Please see below the chart to see the differences:

Can I purchase multiple design packages at once for different rooms in my home?

Yes, you can! We recommend that if you are designing four areas then you choose the full home package and for every additional room you add a single area package. You can select multiple design packages at checkout. If you need advice, regarding the different options and what fits best your needs, contact us at and we will get back to you shortly.

I am not sure any of the design packages perfectly fit my needs. Does Upscale also offer other, design services?

With our offline interior design service, you have a flexibility to request various services such as site visits by designers, furniture storage and installation, electrical and lighting schemes, styling, detailed surveys and several furniture layouts, custom furniture design, etc. Our online packages do not include custom-made furniture design. If you have a special interior design request, contact us and we will be happy to send you an offer.

What kind of designers work for Upscale?

Upscale designers are carefully selected among the most promising design talents, interior designers and architects - in Zurich and in Germany. When a designer sends their application, we always evaluate based on a combination of the designer's previous design work, experience, education and professional certifications.

Where do you get your furniture?

We collaborate with more than130 different highly-known furniture brands - it does not matter what interior style you have, there is always something to choose from. All our brands offer high quality standards and long lasting materials.

Can Upscale design a commercial space?

Yes! For commercial spaces such as offices, please visit Upscale Spaces. Our dedicated commercial team would love to discuss the project with you.

Can Upscale do renovation projects?

Yes! We have a spectrum of external partners who we collaborate with to execute any kind of renovation, material application, lighting installation and custom furniture built-ins.

Does Upscale work all over Europe?

Currently we only offer traditional (by the hour) and online interior design services throughout Switzerland and Germany. This way, we are able to provide our clients support from start to end of their project with support of our already built network.

Can Upscale work with any budget?

We do our very best to stay within the budget you provide us. Pricing out a room can be a daunting process, so we like to make sure our clients are aware of typical budgets based on the quality of our suppliers and overall furniture needs for a home.

What is Upscale Happiness Guarantee?

At Upscale we want to encourage happiness throughout the whole process. We know how interior design projects can be overwhelming and demand a lot of detail attention. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with what you are receiving from our side please be sure to let us know so we can adjust and work towards your needs.