How do you start your design process?

The most important start to each design process is the first meeting with the homeowner to learn about the charms, needs and challenges in their new or existing space. The information gathered from the first meeting will inform the first layout plans and mood boards. The rest of the design process evolves naturally from there with revisions and further close communication with the client.

What do you learn from your client?

In order to make the clients vision and needs for the space a reality, I listen carefully about the clients' likes, dislikes, favorite interior mood images, pieces of furniture, things they want to change or emphasise in the space. Most importantly, I learn from my clients what their dream space is.

Where can you help the most?

I can help you understand the ways furniture, different functions, areas and movement can be placed and happen within your space. I can help you realize how your space can become functional and reach its full potential. For example, how to maximize storage space and at the same time make it look wonderful.

What would be your favorite project?

I’ve worked on a variety of projects ranging from large scale offices to individual living room designs and I’ve learned something from each one. My favorite project would be where I can realize my client’s vision, introduce new creative ideas and keep developing as a designer.

What helps improve every home?

Taking into account acoustics, movement in the space and natural light improves every home. I also like to add plants since they bring warmth into space and also reduce stress levels.