How do you start the design process?

The key to a successful project is to understand the clients’ needs. I start with asking the owners how functional their old spaces and what are their expectations for the new ones. With a thorough insight, the furniture plan emerges naturally.

What do you learn from your clients?

In my projects, I focus on designing the interiors which reflect the owner’s personality. Everyone has their own daily rituals and habits and therefore different design preferences. I enjoy discovering mementos hidden in clients collections: art, antiques, maps, which show their individual style.

Where can you help most?

I am great at creating the mood. I pay attention to colors and textures. New wall color, well placed rug, table in a right shape and atmospheric lighting make a huge change for the feeling of the space. My role is to find the elements which will harmonize together.

What would be you favorite project?

I have a favorite room I designed: a children’s bedroom in a house by the ocean. I created a serene space with white bunk beds and different shades of blue appearing on the walls, bedding, roman shades and carpet. I added nautical detail - a captain’s wheel to stir imagination. I like the simplicity and playfulness in this project.

What is helping every home?

Light! In my projects, I pay a lot of attention to various aspects of light. Its temperature, intensity, character (focused vs scattered, strong vs soft). The thoughtful use of overhead, task and ambient lighting as well as reflective and matte surfaces is an integral part of my designs.