How do you start your design process?  

Most of the time I start by studying a client’s inspirational picture. What’s the mood of the picture, what kind of colors do I see, what materials are found in all pictures? Then I take out some material samples and play around with them until I can see them resembling the atmosphere the client described.

Example of material moodboard selection for a client.

What do you learn from your clients?  

I learn a lot from them. Probably mostly that every project and every client is different. They all have their own personality, unique story and taste and I want to make sure it’s visible in the design of their home. I love neutral colors, however I'm also not afraid of playing around with pops of color here and there if the design calls for it.

Where can you help most?

Bringing things together. A lot of clients know their general taste, but they’re not sure how to combine things. It’s fun creating a coherent concept and going from single furniture pieces to a nicely put together set-up.

Example of furniture selection for a client for a nursery room.

What would be your favourite project?

Creating a transitional style interior and warm cozy space of a house including choice of flooring, materials and furniture pieces. Being able to coordinate everything from wallpaper, kitchen faucet to furniture pieces, designing a cozy, warm, home with a good mix of materials would be my personal favorite.

Example of transitional mood board with selected furniture pieces.
Example of completed project in laid-back colorful transitional style

What helps improve every home?

I’d say accessories and textiles! A great textured vase, a soft throw, a patterned pillow, a stack of intentionally selected coffee table books can go a long way and helps create that homey atmosphere.

Example of kitchen essentials selection for a recent client.
Example of a recently completed project in cozy transitional style with modern elements.