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Upscale uses digital and innovative tech tools to design & bring interiors to life

Technology drives success. We believe in technology solutions that simplify processes in order to deliver quicker results.
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We use innovative tech tools that support design processes.

You don't need to imagine your dream design any longer - see it from your device with our 3D & Virtual Reality tools.

As designers we are used to visualising spaces even before they exist. But we understand that not everyone can do this so easily. We use Archilogic, a web-based 3D platform, to create stunning virtual models of our designs so that clients can experience them as they develop. The interactive models allow you to experiment with and explore your space in realistic accuracy to ensure the final outcome is exactly as you imagine it to be.

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Upscale & Tech Tools

Innovative Tools from Upscale
1. Access & View your Project Folder Online
Upload and download anything related to your project into our cloud service.
2. Explore & Interact with Your Design in 3D /Virtual Reality
Play around your virtual space so you can make important decisions for your new home.
3. Communicate with your Designer Online, Anytime
Digital meeting are now the new norm. Feel free to arrange video calls with us!

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We are happy to support you with any questions or doubts you might have regarding your interior design project.
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Be part of the digital age

Experience the future of interior design with Upscale.

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virtual reality glassesvirtual reality glasses

"I find it hard to read drawings and worry that the final result will not be as I imagine. Upscale sent me a 3D of the design that I could view online. We even explored our design in virtual reality - it was amazing to walk around my new home before it was finished."

S. Ortig

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