How do you start the design process?

I begin by having a personal meeting with the client - what is their lifestyle like, what are their design goals, specific stylistic preferences that they may have and what a typical "day in the life" is for them, from wake up until morning. This final point is so overlooked - small details like what side of the bed they prefer to roll out from every morning make a huge difference! From this information I collect a series of inspirational images to give a look and feel - these are mostly abstract and evoke feeling rather than show furniture or materials - and from there begin to choose key pieces which I feel the client would like.

One small thing which make big difference in the home?    

Hard to say one thing, so I will say 3: plants, artwork, and a statement rug. You'll be amazed how much your space suddenly springs to life!

Which material is underestimated?

It will sound strange, but linoleum. It is an eco-friendly material made from all natural, renewable resources. It comes in any colour you could imagine and can realistically imitate almost any texture, from exposed concrete to resin, and is known for its sound absorbing properties, making it amazing for public space use.

Feathers or marble?

Definitely marble; it's a timeless material which gives the right amount of elegance and style to any space. It comes in countless varieties and colours, and I often say that natural stone is like people - each piece is completely unique in shape, size and detail, making it all the more beautiful, not to mention giving each space a personalized feel.

Where can you help most?

I believe I can help clients the most with my knack for spacial planning. The infamous "open concept floorplan" sounds wonderful until you try to put furniture and personal items in there in a cohesive manner- the space can result in looking cluttered and disorganized. I take great pride in my smart and efficient floor distributions - even taking advantage of those awkward nooks and crannies that some designers cover with a plant or two!