What is the difference between designing residential and designing public spaces?

I think that the biggest difference is that for a residential project you just have one client, such as a family, a single person etc. But if it´s about designing a public space you have multiple clients, such as the owner, but also the guests who will be the decision makers if a place will be successful or not. You have to consider different personalities and needs of the various guests and a public space also have to create experiences, which is the crucial point of the decision if or if not a client will return to that specific restaurant, store or hotel.   Not every guest feels comfortable in the same room and that´s the difficulty of planning public spaces. But when a client feels home or a public space is filled with people because they feel like home, that´s the goal a good designer longs for.      

Do you incorporate trends in your concept?  

Speaking of aesthetics I think that in the design process you don’t have to follow trends, but you should create trends by yourself. That’s the challenge to free yourself of the standards and rules.  Such as we all have different characters, every project should have his own personality.  Nevertheless a designer must have in mind the trends of the functional parts of the spaces, for example marketing strategies such as the shop in the shop concept, serviced apartments or the new way of using hotels. You have to know how the market is evolving and what new needs has the target.

What was the best compliment you have ever heard from the client?

The best immediate compliment a client can give you when walking in for the first time in a new designed space is when he is surprised and looks around telling you that it is exactly what he wanted and even more.

But an even bigger compliment is when after a few years the same client says to you that the space turned out to be really functional, everything is on the right place to use it comfortably and the place itself is comfortable for the users. Also if the materials after a long amount of time turn out to still look great and not used up is the confirmation that a designer have chosen the right materials for the right needs.  

What would your favorite project be?

I think the more important question is what would my favorite client be more than the project itself and what does the client have in mind.

I think every project can be exciting to be designed, every kind of space, even trying out new styles can be a nice challenge. But I think that the client makes the difference. When a client has an out-of-the-box approach and wants to break rules and make new standards that´s what I prefer and that´s what my favorite project would be.

It´s amazing when you don´t have to be afraid to bring in new ideas and unconventional concepts, even more if the client itself tells you about the exciting things he has in mind.

Square or circle?

I think you don’t have to choose between round or square, marble or feather, it’s the combination of both that makes a design so interesting.

With elements you don’t expect to be there it never gets boring. Contrasts and elements you don´t necessarily would put together make a space exciting and it´s the designer´s job to combine the elements in order to have a contrasting, but harmonious space at the end.