What do you think is the most challenging aspect of being an interior designer?

It is a constant challenge to create comfortable and beautiful spaces that are specific to each client and adapting my own style while avoiding being repetitive. I travel as much as possible to keep my eyes fresh and inspired. I do a lot of research on new materials and trends that can be incorporated in each new project.


How do you think interior design should adapt for the 21st Century?

Our times have been very challenging, especially now with the pandemic. Many changes should happen in the world and more specifically in architecture. New measurements will be taken into consideration, emphasizing spaces over others (such as replacing secondary living areas with home offices, having wider elevators, eliminating handles, etc.). Now more than ever “change is the new constant”. Interior design must adapt to all these changes and offer new dynamic solutions.

One small thing which makes a big difference in the home?

I love table lamps. General lighting is very important, but one little table lamp in each room makes a big difference! We tend to forget to include it since it is a “decorative” item, however it adds coziness, warmth and love to every home.


If you had to choose another profession, what would it be, and why?

A painter. I used to paint when I was younger and I have this unlimited love for colors and shapes. That’s what brought me to interior design I guess! I would love to get back to it one day and eventually have my paintings displayed in the projects I design!