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When it comes to  design Felisha believes spaces should be the perfect balance of function and aesthetics. Growing up in The Bahamas, Felisha’s design style  is highly influenced by the ‘island lifestyle’ where light, air comfort and harmony is the key.  Her style is characterised by soothing colors drawn from natural elements such as the sea, sky, and plant life.  All in all, she believes that a space should be deeply in tune with the clients soul and values. Personally, Felisha  is a very caring, intuitive and detail- oriented person whose passion for helping others ensures that the end result will be a space where the client feels happy, healthy and where they can create ever-lasting memories.    

How do you see the role of the interior design in the future?    

I believe the role of the Interior Designer will become more and more integral to our society in regards to human health. When we think about health and happiness we tend to limit this to the our diets, being active, and the relationships we have, however one of the most underestimated factors is the environments we are in.  We spend so much of our time indoors, and it  has become known that a space can influence our emotional states of mind in both a negative and positive manner. For this reason, I believe interior design is the future and I am whole-heartedly dedicated to changing the world through Interior Design!

What is a source of your inspiration?    

I am mostly inspired by photography of  beautiful landscapes, the ocean, sky, vegetation, materials, shapes… anything really!

How do you start the design process?    

My design process starts by speaking with my clients,  and getting to know them so that I get an understanding of their goals, needs and desires.  I then provide the client with inspirational images ,concepts and ideas to ensure we are on the same page. This process is very important for me, as the clients well-being is my top priority. The client will find that the entire process of designing their space will allow them to dive deep into their hearts to uncover their values, beliefs  and personalities!

One small thing which make big difference in the home?

Plants, plants.. and more plants! I believe plants add life to any space and makes a world of difference. Not only do they create beautiful focal points , but they improve indoor air quality and clean the air!

How important are trends for you?

I believe they are important to be considered, but do not need to drive the design. I like to stay up to date on current trends to know what’s in , what’s out, what has worked and no longer work’s. While trends are important, I feel the space all in all should reflect the essence of the client.