What did you learn from your first project?

I learned in my First project to listen very careful to what the Client says because sometimes A word can change the whole concept, moreover I should enjoy every single Phase in the design process also to document every phase and be always clear with the suppliers regarding prices and item description and item quality. Even if its 100 item I should check it item by item.

What was the best compliment you have ever heard from the client?

The best compliment I have ever heard was from a client’s assistant as he told me how much the client is happy about the design, colors combination, and he felt convenient about the design.

One small thing which make big difference in the home?

There's more than one thing if we added it can make a big difference, but for a small thing I chose rugs, we as a designer should be careful Choosing the Rug’s material, density, and the pile height, adding a High pile rug in the bedroom can make u feel warm while adding it to the dining room is really annoying.

What would be your favorite project?

 Designing a Restaurant will always be my favorite project.

Material which always inspires you?

Wood inspires me the most as  we human being have used to produce fire until now as most of our houses consists of at least 50% wood, it is used in houses structures and also can be treated with some adhesives to be transformed into Fine artistic piece of furniture.