Which designer would you like to have a coffee with?    

In terms of interior designers that I admire, I have always been very impressed by the contemporary, bold and artful style of the Brazilian architect- Guilherme Torres, so having a coffee with him would be a pleasure. Since I live in Portugal I have also started to develop a taste for minimal, white and airy designs, with a touch of wabi-sabi, represented so masterfully by Aries Mateus so having a coffee with Aries Mateus brothers could be very interesting as well. And lastly having a cup of tea with Ilse Crawford would be probably the most interesting of all. She is a great designer, who always thinks about the human aspect first, and designs furniture and interiors that are really comfortable and cozy.

Where can you help the most?    

I’man ideas person. I can come up with many solutions to the same problem and I think I am really good at finding solutions that aren’t so obvious, which helps to create interiors that are quite unique.

What do you learn from your clients?   

I try to learn the most I can about my clients, to find out what their story is, what their background is and what they’re passionate about. I feel that it is very important to involve them in the design process, so they feel they areco-creators of the final effect. Every client is different and every time the designer’s role is to translate the client’s personal story visually into the home they will inhabit.

How do you start the design process?

I start the design process from a thorough research. I gather all the necessary information, and I start structuring them and translating them into visuals.

What is the source of your inspiration?

I spend a lot of time by the ocean, observing the power and beauty of waves but also looking at the layers of rocks and admiring the compressed geological history of our planet encapsulated in every little stone. I do think that nature is the best designer and the abundance of colors, patterns and textures existing in nature is a never-ending source of inspiration.